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Moviesflix 2021 – Free Movies direct download Website



Who doesn’t like movies? Everyone loves to watch movies. The taste in the genre may be different but everyone loves to watch movies. That’s why there are too many streaming sites like Moviesflix in the market nowadays. Sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HotStar, Disney Plus are ruling the OTT world. Not only these sites but there are so many small OTTs that publish small budget movies and also web series for a small fee.

In the initial days, the OTT platforms offered the users free accounts to watch the movies. Over time they need their investments back so they started to charge the users with high subscription fees and many restrictions. This made people with fewer budgets can’t watch the movies in the OTT. Every OTT has different types of plans based on the content they have.

Moviesflix watch movies online

Why sites like Moviesflix are created?

Even though the OTTs are streaming the movies legally, the pricing plan they have is not suitable for people with smaller budgets. Also, not all movies are available on a single OTT platform. They are spread across multiple OTTs. For example, if you need to watch three movies that are streamed across three different OTTs then you will have to subscribe to all three platforms. This is where the problem lies. 

Now here comes the website that offers all three movies for free. Obviously, people are going to use that free website to download those three films and watch them. That’s why these pirated sites are growing in large numbers despite the measures done by the court with respect to the piracy laws. If they block a site then two new sites come up with the same content and continue the piracy chain. If we need to stop this we need to reduce the cost of these OTTs that provides the movie streams or there must be a central OTT platform that enables one to choose movies from different platforms and pay only for that movies. This might greatly reduce piracy.

Moviesflix download movies online

Features of the Moviesflix site:

Among all those illegal movie downloading sites people mostly use this moviesflix site to download Hollywood movies in all languages worldwide. You can literally get any movie that you like to watch with the Moviesflix site. You can get them with any language audio and also with the subtitles of your choice. This makes this more popular with movie lovers.

Disclaimer: We are here to just share the information about these sites. We don’t encourage piracy at any point. We request all to respect the creator and the owners of the digital intellectual property owners. Buy things genuinely and support all those creators. This post is just a knowledge resource for those who want to learn about the things that are happening in the underground. So use the knowledge wisely and don’t get involved in any illegal activities.

Some of the notable features of the site movie flix include the no-ad policy. The user interface of the site is very pleasing and easy to use. All the best features of the website is easily accessible from the homepage itself. Some of the things that are available on the homepage of the site movie flix are briefly explained below.

People love good interfaces with good site speed. They also need easy navigation around the websites. This site Moviesflix has a proper menu structure that connects all the internal pages with the home page so that the user can be easily navigated from one page to another. In the menu, proper classifications such as Movies, Genre, Year, Quality, TV Shows, and Web Series are given. 

  1. Movies and Web Series:

The movies menu is further classified into the Latest movies, Hollywood movies, and English movies. There are so many categories in this but they don’t want to form a cluster on the home page. So they kept it simple only with these many options.

  1. Genre:

Every movie lover will directly click this menu item and start to check the genre they are interested in. Genres such as action, animated, adventure, crime, fantasy, Sci-Fi, romance, drama, and thriller. These are the most-watched genre by the users of the site.

  1. Year:

You can pick it up any year all the way up to 1990. All the famous movies in that year are available to watch and download. But mostly the latest movies are quickly available. Even if you don’t see your favorite movie then you can request it in the contact box. If you are in luck then they might add that movie too.

  1. Video Quality:

The quality of the video is divided into three types. As we know it is 480p, 720p and 1080p. You can choose any one of the qualities depending on the internet connection you are on.

  1. TV Series:

Not only the movie and web series collection. This site also has TV series collections that are completely arranged in the order of episodes. Awesome isn’t it. You can just pick up any TV series and start streaming and binge-watch. Korean TV series is also available. 

In legal streaming platforms, the content is sometimes not accessible in particular countries because of the geo lock. It means the content is available only for certain countries and not for all the countries. But this website can be accessed from anywhere in the world and start streaming anything available on the website which worrying about the geo-block.

Types of downloads available:

On this Moviesflix website, there are four types of downloads available. All of them are easy to download and free to use. The below are the available download types.

  1. G-Direct
  2. G-Drive Login
  3. Dood Stream
  4. Mega.NZ

Let’s see each of them in brief below. Only if you know how to download it will be easy to choose the best download type.

  1. G-Direct

These links are the download links of the movie files that are uploaded to the G-Drive. The movie is uploaded to the G-Drive and the download link will be copied and given in the button. This method of download will not have any speed limits and if your internet is too good then you can completely download the movie very fast as you could. But sometimes copyright complaints get over these links and the files are mostly taken down soon. Unless the link is new you will not be able to find the file in the link.

  1. G-Drive Login:

This method of the download link is just like the above method. But the only difference is that you need to login into your G-Drive account in order to download the file. Some people who need privacy will not be acceptable to login to the G-Drive. So if you are not okay with login in to the G-Drive then you can simply skip this way of downloading the file and try some other methods.

  1. Dood Stream:

Nowadays most of the movie streaming websites are providing their download using this Dood stream link. Dood stream links will directly stream your movies in the link. You can click on the link and watch the movie even without downloading. But if you need to download the movie then you have to choose the resolution type and start downloading. In this type of download links, there will be a lot of ads and redirections and those will directly benefit the Moviesflix website. Just make sure not to click any of the ads in the download link.


You might have definitely come across this site for storing and sharing files. Mega.NZ is one of the most popular file storage and sharing website. This third-party file storage website has a very high upload limit so that you can upload the as big a file as you want. If you check this link and it is available then you can download the file from this link. But sometimes these download links will request passwords to download. So make you copy the password also before trying to download. This website will not cap the download speed. So you can download at a speed that is allowed by your internet service provider.

Here are some of the most asked questions regarding the website Moviesflix. 

  1. How to access the Moviesflix site if it is blocked?

Due to copyright complaints, this website is blocked in some countries. If you are in a country where the content is blocked then you have to use the Moviesflix proxy sites or mirror sites. Or you can even use the VPN to unblock the contents. You can easily download the movies using VPNs.

       2. Is it legal to use the website?
Using this site for movie download is illegal as per law . Not only this site, participating in any piracy activity on the internet is prohibited. So downloading from this site also includes participating in piracy.  It is always recommended to use legal ways like Netflix , Zee5 , Prime Video , Aha etc. to watch latest movies and avoid any illegal piracy Sites .

Alternative Websites for Moviesflix


Hope you understood about the site Moviesflix and its working methods. The download methods and the frequently answered questions were also discussed. If you face any problems in accessing the website then you can let us know about it in the comments below. We will sort it out for you.

Disclaimer – does not aim to promote or condone piracy in any way. we have no intention of promoting Moviesflix or any other torrent website. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page aims to inform the general public about piracy and encourage them to be safe from such acts. We further request you not to encourage or engage in piracy in any form.

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