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3movierulz – Download and Watch Latest HD Movies illegally



After the rise of digital media, movie piracy increased tenfold. Not only the latest movies but all the movies were available on the internet to download. After it is made easy to have a digital copy of the movie from official streaming sites the piracy increased and the distribution of the digital movies saw a rise. Nowadays there are two types of movie piracy websites available. Either it will be a streaming site or it will be a downloads site. 3movierulz is one Such websites which provides Users to download latest Bollywood , Tollywood , Malluwood movies illegally .

3movierulz Watch HD Movies Online

Movie streaming sites Vs Downloading sites:

As mentioned above there are two basic types of sites that let a user watch the latest movie. Either the site may be a streamer or movie file downloads provider. If the site is a streamer you can open the site and search for the movie to watch it directly online without even having the need to download them. But if the site permits then you can download the movies offline. 

But if the site is a download-based one then you cannot stream the movie directly on the website but you can download the movie to your computer or mobile and start watching the movie directly on your PC. These are two different movie provider sites. This website 3movierulz comes under the category movie download providers. 

3movierulz Stream HD Movies Online

3movierulz website:

3movierulz website provides you with the download link of all the latest movies. This website provides you the link to movies that are mostly Tollywood, Kollywood, and Malluwood. You can also get the latest Bollywood movies here too. Not only these but also famous Hollywood movies are also available to download. To put this simply you can understand that this site is dedicated to providing Indian users with Indian movies. That doesn’t mean that this site doesn’t have any other language movies. This site also has other language movies but in a very limited quantity.

This site has 1000s of Indian movies in all the genre and all the languages that are mostly in India. If you are not an Indian resident and you want to download the movies from abroad you download the movies in the website 3movierulz. In some countries, this website might be banned so if you are not able to access the website then you should use the VPN to access the website.

How to download movies from 3movierulz?

3movierulz’s website makes it easy for users to download a movie from their website. They provide the downloads either in two ways. Either through a torrent file or through a file-sharing site. Since hosting the file in their own server will attract penalties or even deletion of their site from the server. Also, copyright complaints about movie piracy are strict in India nowadays. So we should not take them lightly. We should be careful when providing the links to the download and also be careful when we download them too.

3movierulz download HD Movies

Download from Torrent file in 3movierulz:

Some movies can be downloaded from 3movierulz only by using the torrent file. Torrent files are nothing but small-sized files that can be loaded into a torrent downloader such uTorrent to download the movie file. Torrent is a peer-to-peer file-sharing concept where the file is stored in different places rather than in one place such as servers. The movie or the file will be broken down into pieces and will be stored in different locations and in the other user’s computer.

So when you download a movie from the torrent file then the file will be downloaded from the other user’s site and not from any server. This is why no one can stop the torrent file-sharing method by blocking the servers altogether. Here in 3movierulz, the torrent file system works just like this.

Below are the steps to download movies from 3movierulz using the torrent file.

  1. To download movies from the torrent files you will need a torrent downloader such as uTorrent or BitTorrent. Make sure you have them before you try to start the download.
  2. Now go to the 3movierulz site and search for your favorite movie. 
  3. The download of the movie will be in the Torrent file. If you have already installed the Torrent downloader then the downloaded torrent file will have the icon of the torrent downloader. You can double click the file and it will open the torrent downloader.
  4. Make sure the file that you are going to download is the file that you were looking for. Sometimes malware and virus are also installed in the torrents download.
  5. Once the file downloaded, make sure to scan it once and then open it to check the movie and the quality. If everything is good do seed the file for making it easy to be downloaded by other users.

The above is the method to download using the torrent file in 3movierulz. Another method is discussed below.

  1. Direct file download / Download using file sharing sites:

After the emergence of the copyright problem most of the movie download provider’s sites won’t provide you with the direct server link. If they provide you the direct server link then they might get banned from using the server because of the DMCA complaints. So they will upload the movies to any of the third-party file-sharing websites and provide you with the download link.

So if you look at the download like it will be from any of the third-party file downloaders. Also, you must be careful when downloading the files from the third-party file downloader. Because you may click on ads that surround the download button and any virus or malware might get downloaded into your device. So always double-check before you click on any link on the website. To WatchcartoonOnline visit this page .

1. Is it legal to download movies from 3movierulz?

No . It is illegal to download / Watch  movies from 3movierulz . If by any chance you get caught , you might get a penalty or in some cases imprisonment. We never promotes piracy and is strongly against online piracy.

2. Is it safe to use 3movierulz?

No, it is not at all safe to use. 3movierulz is an illegal website, If by any chance you get caught , you might get a penalty or in some cases imprisonment. . It is always recommended to use legal ways like Netflix , Zee5 , Prime Video , Aha etc. to watch latest movies .

Alternative Websites for 3movierulz


Here we don’t encourage any piracy-related activities on this website. All we wanted is to share the knowledge with the readers. Use this knowledge wisely and don’t engage in any piracy activities. Also, we are not responsible for any activities you do with this knowledge. You are the sole responsible for it.

Disclaimer – does not aim to promote or condone piracy in any way. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page aims to inform the general public about piracy and encourage them to be safe from such acts. We further request you not to encourage or engage in piracy in any form.


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