Reasons why your website is letting your business down

Reasons why your website is letting your business down

The world of business is becoming increasingly digitalized. In fact, your current customers and even potential clients can access your entire product range and services from the comfort of their own home, without even having to visit you in store or pick up the phone to order a catalog. So, if you haven’t recently invested in your company website, or aren’t keeping it up to date, then your website could be letting your business down rather than helping it to grow. Remember that your corporate website provides an insight into your world, and why customers should choose you over your competitors. So, if you are not sure which aspects or areas of your site need some attention, then read on to find out what you may be doing wrong.

Poor website design

Remember that in most instances, your website is the first outlet that many customers may come across. It means that if your site is outdated, old and full of links that no longer work, then any potential leads are sure to lose interest. First and foremost, be realistic about whether you need to invest in a new website. If this is the case, then make sure that you set aside some of your business budget towards creating a new site that meets with your business needs for this year and beyond. A new website is one area of your business that it pays to invest in, and dedicated web design professionals can help with all aspects of your website redesign. Put yourself in your users’ shoes – if you can’t navigate around your website, then the chances are that an average Internet user won’t be able to either. 

Inconsistent branding

Remember that your company brand or logo is what customers and clients will associate with when they think of your firm. Your brand acts as an extension of your business beliefs and promise. So, if your branding isn’t consistent across all of your digital channels, then this makes your entire business look unprofessional. Take time to check that all of your branding is updated and resized across your website and social media so that any visitors to your site know exactly what you stand for and who you are   Consider companies such as Coca-Cola and Apple – do you ever see any of their products without that famous logo? The answer is no. So, make sure that you follow in the footsteps of these giants.


Out of date content

Would you buy a magazine or a newspaper if it contained last month’s articles and news? The same logic applies to the content that you update and post on your website. Make sure that you choose topics that are relevant, and provide consumers with answers to current industry trends or issues. You may also want to make sure that any copy you post is updated and edited on a weekly basis too – especially if you operate in a fast-paced market. Out of date content causes serious damage to businesses that are looking to grow online.

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