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How Cloud Computing is Used in Education Space ?



How Cloud Computing is Used in Education Space ?

Cloud computing is certainly the hottest trend in technology today. While it is extremely beneficial in most fields of work and life, it is incredibly useful in the education space. Students are able to use programs that connect them with each other and the teacher, as well as interact with the material. In the future, a physical class room might be a thing of the past with most students participating in online university programs. With many colleges already offering partial or full degree programs online it has already started to become a popular alternative.

Paperless Cloud

In addition to being an incredibly convenient communication tool, students can also turn in their assignments on the site instead of having to turn in physical papers. Not only does this help the environment by saving paper, but it also is an extremely convenient alternative to the traditional method of turning in a paper. Additionally, professors can supply electronic versions of handouts, assignments, lecture notes and more, online for students to download at any given time. Again, this saves paper and a massive amount of time!

Future of Cloud-Based Education

The future of how education is delivered is in the cloud. As technology becomes cheaper and more advanced teachers and students will quickly move from the confines of a physical classroom and move onto the web. Whether it’s dashboards that allow students to collaborate and turn in assignments or using web cameras to watch a professor and interact with other students, dependency will move from campuses to virtual class rooms. Your teachers will become more accessible, as will information and your fellow students.


One example of cloud computing in the education sector is Blackboard. Blackboard is a system where students have the ability to log on and manage all of their classes, or at least the classes that are on the system. Once logged on, students can read messages from the teacher, send messages to other classmates and use the website as a communication tool, much like email. If they missed something in class, they can always go on and ask a student a question or post a comment for feedback.

Cloud Collaborations

Students can also use the site as a collaboration tool as they work and work together on a group project. They can just log into the “cloud” and do their portion of the assignment without ever having to be in the same room together. Students love the ability to jump on a computer from anywhere in the world and automatically being closely connected to the classroom from a distance. Being able to work remotely on projects is a wonderful advantage for students with a busy schedule, especially for those who are trying to balance school, work and family life.

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