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Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing ?



What is Cloud Computing ?

Cloud Computing or cloud is nothing but a concept that will stay and soon dominate the world and will change the way we use computers and the Internet. This concept basically is to make everything we use accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. With the cloud you do not have to worry about the hardware configuration of your machine, or with the installation of software, file storage etc

Everything will be online!

If we need to create a text document will no longer have to have an office suite installed on our computer, simply access via the Internet tool that will work in a 100% online, and time to store this file also will not have to save it in our computer, it will be saved to a web server where we can access files 24×7 from anywhere in the world via the Internet connectivity!

A fact that I think are some very curious modern notebooks most famous brands already have a button that when clicked opens a window independent of the operating system which lets you access the Internet without even turning on the operating system installed on the notebook, I believe that this fact has reflects what the future holds! The operating system of a computer, the physical configuration of the machine or the programs you have installed will no longer be important, because all you need is online and the only thing that will matter will have a simple Internet connection.

Cloud computing is a reality!

For those who think that the cloud or cloud computing is something of a very distant future, pay attention to the tools that come out every day and often have used without realizing that it is a magic of cloud computing.

  • Google Docs – This is a google service that offers a complete office suite to create / edit text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc… In addition to being able to store your files online.
  • Photoshop Express – This is a service from Adobe where you can edit all your images without having to have Photoshop installed.
  • Flickr – This is a Yahoo service that lets you store all your photos and images, and can access them from anywhere in the world.
  • HotMail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc … – are e-mail servers that allow you to exchange email with other people without having to install anything on your computer.

And all come to the reality of cloud computing, remember the chat to Google Talk? No more need to install the program on your computer, simply enter the Gmail Orkut and you’re already inside the Talk, This also applies to the MSN which is already available online, simply enter your e-mail from Hotmail.

In addition to lifestyle changes that people have to go, which is very complicated to do, is the lack of infrastructure. Still most of the countries have a lot of places where the population has no access to broadband and even the places where coverage is broadband, the service is one of the worst and most expensive in the world. In such a case, how people would want to exchange files and have your photos stored on their own computers at a distance of a few mouse clicks to have them hosted on web servers in the Internet accessible via the Internet do not always have the ability to provide speed and stability sufficient to give us all that this concept can offer us.

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