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Top 3 IT business Services that you can leave to the Cloud Computing



Top 3 IT business Services that you can leave to the Cloud Computing

On top of saving you from having to have a datacenter and actual infrastructure, Cloud computing can do a whole bunch of IT business services that you would have had to shell out a lot more for before this. Three of the main Cloud IT business services that you can leave to the Cloud today include:

  • Communications
  • Storage and Backup
  • Company Software


Not so long ago for communications, you would have to have a dedicated mail server, some dedicated IT tech support to manage it. Some other IT tech support would also have to be on hand to handle your Voice over Internet, Twitter and SMS communication, although most companies didn’t have this type of dedicated IT tech support at all.

While you can go for a number of various different Cloud Computing services for each of the above communication methods, there are now some companies like OneReach who offer a more comprehensive package. Due to their excellent automation your business can communicate on any platform with ease and at affordable rates as well.

Data backup

Before the cloud, you had to have reliable hardware in place, either in the form of a RAID server or datacenter setup or enterprise-class hard disk drives to do backup for your critical data. These were not very affordable much less easy to manage or maintain and often required specific IT tech support, which added another burden to a company barely making the margins of profits. The Cloud has now enabled online data backup.

Rather than pay for some hardware that is going to breakdown or be obsolete in the next two years, Cloud computing data backup services offer companies easy backup as a service. In the more than likely event that hardware does fail, all you need to do is connect to the Internet, contact these services and then just start back where the hardware failure happened. Some notable Cloud data backup services include for its hybrid data storage system and Jungle Disk, each offering some very reliable data backup services and very affordable prices.

Company Software

While company software can cover Office software, from a business standpoint a more important company software would be the accounting and payroll system in place. Again, in a traditional system you would have some accountant with administration skills watching and managing the whole thing and you would have to pay this person a tidy sum to keep your company going. Thanks to the automation available on the Cloud you can now register using online payroll and administration software.

As someone who has actually used such software it is actually very useful, especially if you need to put in or check for sick leave, print out payslips and do much more, without having to bother any of the HR staff. These SaaS or Software-as-a-Service payroll systems come in many flavors, from Wave Accounting to QuickBooks Online. While QuickBooks Online requires a fee, Wave Accounting is free, allowing business users to save a lot of money on something truly integral to the running of the company. Some, like Freshbooks allows you to track and pay your employees based on the hours of time they worked, which is especially good if you employ a lot of freelance or part-time employees who are not always available in the office.

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