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Cartoons are the ones that made our childhood awesome and they are still making the childhoods of many kids awesome. Everyone must have watched cartoons at some point in their lifetime. They might have any cartoon show. But they will have definitely loved it. Here let’s talk about a site that streams cartoons online. Yes, it’s about the site WatchCartoonOnline.

If you are a cartoon lover and loves to watch cartoons then you should have definitely known about this website WatchCartoonOnline . It has a larger database with thousands of cartoon episodes. Many cartoons which are not available elsewhere are available on the WatchCartoonOnline website. The best part about this website is that you can download the cartoon episodes to your computer and can watch them later. 


The website has undergone many changes in recent years and the website has become very user-friendly and ads are reduced and the speed of the website is improved. A lot of new episodes are added every day and you can keep on enjoying them once you subscribe for a plan with the WatchCartoonOnline Website.

One time payment:

There are many websites available to stream cartoons online. But sometimes the payment system is complicated and they charge way more than most users could afford. But this website WatchCartoonsOnline has introduced a scheme where you can literally pay once and start watching cartoons unlimitedly. You don’t need to pay for each of the episodes. Also, you won’t regret paying for this website since this website has a huge collection of cartoons that you can’t find elsewhere.

Lots of Cartoons:


You won’t get into trouble if you start searching for a favorite cartoon on this WatchCartoonsOnline website. In order to help the users find their cartoons easily they have categorized the cartoons based on the genre, characters, directors, and the production company. If you can know any one of them you can easily find the cartoon that you search for. You cannot leave this website if you find about all the awesome cartoons this site has for you.

This site has cartoons in all the genre. Not only action cartoons but also cartoons in the comedy genre. Cartoons that are released worldwide can be viewed without any single restriction. Many cartoons that were made available only on the DVD can be viewed on this website. 

Create your own account:

You might be watching a lot of cartoon episodes and someday you might want to go back to the old episodes once again to watch it. It can happen only if you keep track of the episodes that you watch every day. This website will keep track of all the cartoons that you watch if you have created an account. You can go watch history anytime and rewatch the cartoons that you have already watched.

Also if you are going to be a paid subscriber for the WatchCartoonsOnline then you will definitely need to create an account.

Is WatchCartoonOnline site legal?

Actually, it’s not a legal website since they are not authorized to publish or stream those cartoons on the internet. Also, they don’t host any of the video files on their servers. All they do is that work as a torrent search site. This website scrapes or collects streaming URLs from different sources and lets you watch cartoons for free. 

Many countries have imposed a ban on the website for illegally uploading cartoons. But in many countries, the website is fully operative. So you can watch these Cartoons without any problem in those countries. But if you need to watch these cartoons in any of the countries where the site is banned then you need to install the VPN to watch all these cartoons.

Since torrent is banned in many countries, WatchCartoonOnline is also banned in those countries where file-sharing in torrent methods is illegal.

WatchCartoonOnline Dragon

Features of WatchCartoonOnline:

WatchCartoonOnline has many features that are very much favorable for viewers of all ages. They have paid plans but still, they offer you the option to watch the cartoons without even paying for the subscription. Here I have shared the ways you can watch the cartoons on the channel.

  1. Paid subscription:

Of course, paid subscriptions are the only way to help the website owners to cover the cost of running the servers and keep the website alive. You can pay to watch the cartoons without any advertisements and you will also get the option to download the cartoons.

  1. Free subscription:

If you are not willing to pay for the subscription then you can watch the cartoons without the subscription. You can just create an account with the WatchCartoonOnline and start watching the cartoons right away. Since you are not in the paid plan you will get ads in between the episodes. Ads will help the site owners to cover the server costs.

  1. High-quality streaming:

Even though there are many cartoons streaming platforms available people love this WatchCartoonOnline because of the high quality streaming it provides. You can watch the cartoons in all different formats and you can watch in HD too. It will support all kinds of screen resolution.

  1. Free downloading options:

The best part is the free downloading options that come along with the paid subscription. You can just download the episodes and store them on a local device for viewing it later. 

All the above points are the features that are very unique to the WatchCartoonOnline website. Also, some of the most frequently asked questions are listed below.

  1. Do you require VPN to watch the cartoon?

Mostly it is not required. But if your country has banned the site from streaming then it might be required.

  1. Is WatchCartoonOnline can be identified as an authentic site to watch cartoons?

Honestly no, it’s not an authentic website to watch these cartoons. But nowhere you can get all these cartoon episodes under one roof. So you can watch them here. But it is highly recommended to watch the cartoons from any authentic streaming platform.

WatchCartoonOnline App

WatchCartoonOnline offers a mobile app for all of their Users . It is an mobile-friendly platform . As the website and app is not legal you cannot find the app in playstore . You can find the app in any apk download sites . But as we keep informing this website is not legal So we advise you stay away from such apps/apks .


Hope you have learned about the things that are available in the WatchCartoonOnline and why it is liked by viewers of all age group. If you have difficulty accessing the website do leave us a comment below. We will help you to solve the problem.

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