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Place:Type=6&Sort=14&Maxresults=10/ Mozilla Error Fix



If you are facing any issue with only 10 tags being showcased in the Mozilla Firefox browser while you have more tags than 10, then you’re not the only one with the issue. “Place:Type=6&Sort=14&Maxresults=10/” issue has been seen across by many users using this browser. Thankfully, it has quite an easy solution to resolve this. Let’s find out. 

Place:Type=6&Sort=14&Maxresults=10/ Mozilla Error Fix

Place:Type=6&Sort=14&Maxresults=10/  Issue

First things first, make sure that by the tags option you are identifying the icon with a blue-colored folder and a primitive magnifying glass hovering over it. If that is the one, then you’re in the right place to find the solution for it.

Although your results are limited to only 10 of them, the folder doesn’t have such limitations. If you want to resolve the lists and see a wholesome list of ‘All Tags’ then you can do such with ease on the Bookmarks menu. Just simply create a smart folder of your own and you can do it. Here’s how to do it.

How to solve the issue

The initial query that is input is as this:


Now for this to change, you will have to drop the part with maximum results limit and make the query as:


This will create a list without maximum limits. Now if you also want them to appear in alphabetical order rather than the most recent one, then use this query code:


Now click on the bookmarks and select the drop-down button. There your Bookmarks will be expanded. Now right-click on it and select the option of New Bookmark. There you will find a location option. There insert the query that you want from the above. 

Then give it a name as All tags or anything that you want. Then click on Add Bookmark. Now the Firefox will add your bookmarks. However, the blue search folder option will still show it. So drag the bookmark to the front of the menu and then you can access your all tags with ease from the search folder.


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