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Roblox Error Code 267 – Step by Step Solution



Summary:  Roblox Error Code 267 – “DISCONNECTED – You were kicked from this game: You have been banned for: cheating suspicion (unbanned in 10h) (Error Code:267)”

The error code 267 in Roblox occurs if the game detects any malpractice or suspects hacking then the game will automatically log you out of the game for cheating. This may be because of few misjudgments too, but most of the case it is right. You can 100% expect these errors if you are using any script to hack the game in Roblox. Not only using scripts but also if you block the Roblox game server using a Firewall or equivalent then this error will occur. In some cases, users have reported that a corrupted game file will also cause this error.

Roblox Error Code 267

Let’s see how this error is caused and how I solved it using the steps below. Here is the fix for the error code 267 in Roblox.

Why does error code 267 occur?

This error code 267 occurs when you use any kind of scrips in the game and it uses admin controls to modify or hack the game. Roblox detects scripts and hacks and kicks the user out. After kicking out it will display the message or the error code 267. 

You might think that Roblox might do this before of some error or some bug. But the actual is that the game player might try to cheat using any illegal script and the Roblox detects it and kicks them out. So try to avoid using any scripts to take over the game illegally. Sometimes if you are playing for a long time Roblox will not ban or kick you out immediately but when your account is less than 30 days old then the ban will be immediate.

There are two types of ban or error type. One is that they will ban you immediately and permanently. Secondly, the ban will be applicable only for a temporary period of time and not applicable permanently. If you are banned permanently from the game then don’t worry. Just shift to another game. There are a lot of games in the Roblox so you need not worry. Try not to cheat this time.

Important Fact: Roblox users have reported that these errors also occur when your computer has outdated anti-virus versions. Also if the game data is empty then it might also cause a problem. So make sure to understand the problem before looking for the solution.

Here let me list out two major reasons for the error 267:

  • Windows Firewall (Antivirus)
  • Unstable Internet Connection
  1. Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall is most commonly known to mess with Roblox and cause many errors. It may be one of the reasons for getting the error 267. It might lead to kick the player from the game. If you feel that the firewall is the reason for the error then I recommend you disable it before you start the game in Roblox.

  1. Unstable internet connection:

Most of the time the unstable internet connection is the major cause of the issue. If the internet becomes slow or unstable then the Roblox pushes you out with the error 267. So whenever this error occurs check your internet connection stability. Also if you feel you need a stable internet connection, then try VPN for the cause.

The error mostly occurs for the below two reasons.

  1. You are banned or kicked out.
  2. Blank game data.
  1. Banned or kicked out:

Follow the below method if you believe that you got the error message because your account is banned or you have been kicked out for a reason that you did unknowingly or deliberately.

Type 1: You can contact the owner of the game to lift the ban if you believe he could help and let you play the game. This idea may work or may not work. So you can start playing other games until the issue gets solved. Mostly 30 days is the time for uplifting the ban. 

Type 2: You can ask Roblox support to lift the ban by sending the error details and the screenshot associated with it. 

  1. Blank Game Data

The error might occur due to the corrupted game data in Roblox. You might wonder why the game hasn’t loaded, but the reason is the game isn’t available in the Roblox. It might be empty. That’s why. So check whether the game is clean, complete or corrupted. This may be a reason for the error too.

How to solve error code 267 in Roblox?

There are few tested ways to solve this problem. Let me explain them in brief here. I have divided the error reasons into categories and explained how to solve them in detail. If you firmly believe that you did use any admin scripts and did only fair play then you can try the below steps. Because it might be due to some technical glitch and you can solve it easily.

  1. Reset Internet Settings
  2. Check the Internet connection
  3. Disable anti-virus (if you are sure anti-virus is the problem)
  4. Update all the required drivers
  5. Create a new account

Let’s see them in brief. 

  1. Reset Internet Settings

Roblox is opened in the browser. A browser is an important tool for Roblox. So it is very important to make sure the browser is updated and in its latest version. Also, clear the browser cache and restart the Roblox. Make sure the settings are right.

  1. Check the internet connection

If your internet connection is unstable and can’t keep with the download speed of the game then it might cause the error and push you out of the game. So make sure to check the internet connection before you check the other options. 

  1. Disable anti-virus

You have to disable the anti-virus if it is an outdated one and cause trouble using the firewall. Some users have complained that the firewall has caused their game to crash and after turning it off the games worked just fine.

  1. Update all the required drivers

On the computer, you used to play, make sure all the drivers are up to date and have the latest version. If they are not then update it quickly. Old drivers may also cause glitches in the game experience. If anything didn’t work out and you still need to play the game then you can the email id and create a new account to play the game.

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