Increase Website Earnings with Responsive Web Design

Increase Website Earnings with Responsive Web Design

You know what web design is. You’re quite familiar with it, in fact. You’ve been doing web design for years and have been very successful in that regard. So what is this ‘responsive’ deal about? Well, more and more Internet users are hitting up the web while they are out and about on smartphones and tablets. Which means they have smaller screens to work with, and touch screens instead of keyboards.

And that means that your old designs aren’t going to work anymore. That’s the long and short of it. The ‘responsive’ factor means that now your web design has to respond to what kind of device is accessing it. Intrigued? Read on …

It’s All About Going Mobile                   

The percentage of time people spend on desktops vs. phones and tablets is rapidly changing, and attention spans are changing as well. How people interact with the web is changing. Everything is changing! Which means that you have to change with it, and your first step is to ensure your website is mobile compatible. If this means that you have to start from scratch, then so be it, because if you try to resist this movement, other more adaptable companies are going to leave you behind in the dirt, coughing and rubbing your eyes, wondering what happened to your client base.


Think About Lost Opportunities         

When was the last time that you were surfing the web from your phone and hit a website where everything was too small, too disorganized, hard to see, hard to navigate? Chances are you stayed there for about five seconds, thought that was five seconds too long, and split. The opportunities lost by websites that aren’t responsive are enormous. And once people know your site is no good on their tablet, they aren’t going to come back anytime soon. The time to redo your website is now!

It’s Time for Designers To Shift Perspective      

If you’re a designer, it’s time to get your learn on again. Research mobile web design and see what the latest website trends are. What’s popular? What’s working? What are people starting to avoid? How do you engage people on teeny tiny screens? These are the questions that will get answered as you search out information.

How This Affects Your Bottom Line   

So down to the money. The better your mobile responsive web design, the more commercial opportunities you’ll have. The more subscribers. The more clients. The more ways to connect to users. A cleaner, more streamlined experience with every single type of person thought about and cared for. That’s huge in today’s world, and you’re almost sunk without that level of commitment. So don’t be scared of change, embrace it instead!

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