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What is WatchCartoonOnline TV app




Cartoons are diagrams that are either drawn or animated in unrealistic ways to entertain kids and adults. Nowadays cartoons are a way to entertain kids and babies for many hours and also teach them good manners. Before the digital age, kids used to watch cartoons on TV or in theatres. Now after the entry of mobile phones, tablets we have the privilege to watch cartoons on our mobile phones. So cartoons were uploaded to servers and streamed for a small fee. 

Free streaming with WatchCartoonOnline:

The problem with the paid streaming is that all the cartoon episodes will be scattered among different platforms and you will be asked to pay multiple subscriptions to watch all the favorite cartoons. Not everyone has a good amount of money to spend for subscriptions to watch cartoons. But still, they love to watch them. Thus WatchCartoonOnline website was formed with a goal to let users watch free cartoons without paying or donating any money. Of course, this is illegal but kids should be allowed to watch free cartoons and teach them good manners through cartoons.

Features of WatchCartoonOnline:

Among all the other cartoon streaming platforms,  has the best server. You can stream cartoons without much buffering or delay in loading. Also, the cartoons are available in multiple qualities which you can choose depending on the available bandwidth. The available resolutions are 1080p, 720p, 480p and also 144p. Depending on the device and the data available you can choose the resolution or you can just set the quality to auto and the website will itself choose the best resolution for you to stream.

Subtitles and audio:

All the cartoons in the WatchCartoonOnline carry pre-loaded subtitles. Subtitles for 200 languages are allowed to be chosen to watch along with the cartoon episodes. Not only subtitles but you can also watch dubbed cartoons using WatchCartoonOnline. Dubbed cartoons are available in more than 5 languages. Not only cartoons but you can also watch anime web series in WatchCartoonOnline. The three most-watched kinds of stuff on the WatchCartoonOnline website are dubbed anime, subbed anime, and movies. 

Fewer ads:

Ads are the main revenue for all the free cartoon streaming sites. Not only free cartoon streaming sites but also free movie streaming sites are managed with the revenue that is made from advertisement. But the problem is that other sites overdo advertisements all over the website. Because of too many advertisements, the streaming will be extremely difficult and the user experience is completely ruined. 

But with WatchCartoonOnline the user experience is given higher importance and the ads are placed in fewer places on both website and the app. Pop-up ads are too low and they won’t appear every time you touch anything on the website.

Categorized Cartoons:

In WatchCartoonOnline all the genre cartoons are available and they are categorized properly with proper labels. You can search for any cartoon and find them on the website. You can find the cartoons under recent cartoons sections and the most-watched section. From these sections, you can easily identify the cartoons that are being watched worldwide. You can also enjoy them and share reviews on them.

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