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USB\vid_148f&pid_3298&rev_0000 Hp Laptop Issue Fix



“USB\vid_148f&pid_3298&rev_0000”  is an issue that has been faced by many HP laptop users around. And quite a few have asked for the desired solution for the same in the forums and everywhere. So we thought of looking into the issue and finding the right solution for it. Read along.

USB\vid_148f&pid_3298&rev_0000 Hp Laptop Issue Fix

The Issue

This is a Bluetooth driver that is part of the MediaTek Bluetooth adapter that is used in HP Pavilion laptops and more. Whenever the driver files go missing or any reason as such comes up, this issue is seen by the users. This is simply a hardware related driver. There are various reasons for this issue among which some are corrupt drivers, missing files, conflict with the antivirus programs, or issues with the updates.

But the issue can be resolved pretty easily and we will help you with that down below.

How to solve the issue?

Here are the ways you can solve this issue:

  •  Go to the official website of HP.
  • Find the support section.
  • Please provide the model number of your device and the Windows edition on your PC or laptop.
  • Now find the Bluetooth driver for MediaTek Adapter. There you will see the driver with USB\vid_148f&pid_3298&rev_0000. Download the driver.
  • Once downloaded, extract the files and proceed to install them.
  • Now once you install the driver, restart your system for the changes to fully take place.
  • Then your missing driver error will be resolved. 

You can also download the driver from other third-party sites if you cannot find the same in the HP Support section for your laptop edition or Windows edition. But be aware of those sites and if you download the files from there then scan them with the antivirus before proceeding to install it. This will keep your PC secure from any threats and malware. The error will then be resolved. 


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