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ACP TOS6205 Bluetooth Missing



Toshiba has one of the best hardware components in their laptop and is known for durability. However, even the best of things may have an issue at certain times. Although it’s not an inherent issue or something that will occur for every user. However, many users have reported the missing Bluetooth feature on their laptops. We here take a look at that and find out the amicable solution for it. 


What is ACP TOS6205?

ACPTOS6205 is the Bluetooth device name that is bundled in the Toshiba laptop. If you were to look at the device manager list in the Toshiba laptops you’ll see the ACP TOS6205 device. However, when the Bluetooth feature goes missing, you’ll see an unknown device in place of this one. This denotes that the Bluetooth device needs to be reinstalled and taken care of. 

How to Solve ACP TOS6205

Step 1: Start by uninstalling the Unknown device 

  • Go to the start button and click on it. 
  • Look for the control panel and open it.
  • Once you’ve opened Control Panel, open the Hardware and Sounds.
  • There you can access the Device Manager.
  • Go through the list of devices under the Device Manager and find the Unknown device.
  • Right-click on the ‘Unknown Device’ and click on uninstall.
  • Then restart your system. 

Step 2: Download Drivers for your Bluetooth Device

  • Look for the ACP TOS6205 drivers online. 
  • Find the drivers from the official manufacturer’s portal or support section.
  • Download drivers and extract the files.

Step 3: Install the Device Drivers

Once your Bluetooth drivers have been downloaded, it’s time to install them.

  • Once you have downloaded the file, extract it.
  • Once installed restart the system.
  • Your Bluetooth should work fine now. 

Note: When downloading the driver look to download either Atheros or Qualcomm drivers based on which Bluetooth device is installed in your system. 

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