Top 10 Google Drive Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

Top 10 Google Drive Tips You Can't Afford to Miss

Google Drive is one of the services among the various cloud storage services. Many of them are aware of the Dropbox and SkyDrive, which are favorites among the storage service in the cloud which have their own advantages and limitations which serve a great range of customer needs. But if you like to go with Google Drive, then here are some useful tips to do your work better with them.

The best thing about Google Drive is that it is linked with your Gmail account and therefore the storage space of 5 GB would free. It also helps basic editing of documents through the web browsers.

1. Edit Images Online with Google Drive

Installing the Pixlr Editor in your web browser Chrome lets you edit photos in Google Drive. Once you have Pixlr Editor, right click on any of the images and proceed to open them. Pixlr Editor comes with many basic tools of Photoshop and should be more than enough for basic editing needs.

2. Add filters to your photos

Do you want to apply effects to your photos as Instagram Google Drive? You can with Pixlr Express . Pixlr Express only works in Google Chrome. Once installed, click on any photo on your Google Drive and open it with Pixlr Express. You can choose from many filters, borders, fonts and tilt shift effects.

3. Listen to music files

By default, you can only download music files from the website of Google Drive. To listen to the files, you can install Drive Music for the Google Chrome web browser. After installation, clicking on a music file, Drive Music will launch in a separate tab that has the basic features like a music player.

4. Edit Videos

By installing Pixorial Video for Google Chrome, you can watch your videos on Google Drive through Pixorial video library. From there, you can combine different video clips, crop, and add titles, music and transitions to create a basic video.

5. Create, edit and save Mind Maps

MindMeister is a Google Chrome App allows you to create mind maps directly in your web browser. You can then save to your Google unit, allowing you to view and edit at any time.

6. Add ‘Send to Google Drive’ menu for Windows

Is not it inconvenient to have to open Google Drive before you can add items to it? Yeah, we thought so. To skip this step, download and install Google Drive on your PC desktop.

Once you have it installed, go to Users> [username]> AppData> Roaming> Microsoft> Windows> SendTo.

Now use the right mouse button to drag Google Drive from the Favorites panel in the SendTo folder. When you release the right mouse button, a menu, click Copy Here.

Now whenever you want to move a file from your desktop directly to Google Drive, you can right click on the file, select Send then Google Drive.

7. Creating a File Explorer for Google Jumplist Drive

Place jumplist to Google Drive folder for the file browser for quick access to Google Drive.

To do this, all you have to do is drag the folder of Google Drive in the file browser icon on the taskbar. Once you have done this, you can easily navigate to the Google Drive folder by right clicking on the file browser icon and select Google Drive.

8. Use the Revision History to avoid errors

If you accidentally deleted a file in Google Drive, you can retrieve the file from the bin within 30 days before it is deleted forever. For individual files, you can view and choose to restore a review that has been done in the past.

All you have to do is open a file from the web site of Google Drive, and press Ctrl + Alt + G, where you can see a panel to the right of the screen that shows the modifications you made in the past.

9. Disable automatic deletion of previous file versions

By default, Google Drive 100 allows you to restore previous revisions of files. You can have an unlimited number of revisions, by the sacrifice of your storage space. To disable automatic deletion, right-click a file in the web site and select Manage Google Drive reviews.

In another popup window, select the file revisions that do not want to delete. The list will be longer if you have more reviews synced with Google Drive.

10. Install Google Drive Apps for Google Chrome

Like extensions above? Well, there are many more applications that work with Google Chrome Google Drive. Check out the collection of applications Google Drive to find something that could benefit.

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