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Discord awaiting endpoint – Error [ Solved ]



Discord is a very popular messaging app and is mainly used by gamers to chat via text message, voice message and form groups, and stream live videos. This app is as fast as WhatsApp, Messenger and has literally no downtime so far. After the WhatsApp privacy issue, people are slowly migrating towards other platforms such as discord, twitch, and signals. The choice of gamers is growing towards this discord. But discord has few errors that are really nightmares for this gamer or the early adopters.

Discord awaiting endpoint

How does discord awaiting endpoint error occur?

Among those errors, the major one is this “discord awaiting endpoint”. Let me tell you few reasons why this error might occur in this discord. Since the privacy problem, most of the people are slowly migrating towards the discord and this may cause a hike in server usage and cause downtime in the server. This is just the first cause. The other cause might be due to the slow internet connection on the client-side. You might want to check your server regarding that.

Few users have complained in Reddit directly to the Discord staff about this issue. Also, they have complained that this issue not only occurs to them but also to their friends in the discord. The Staff replied to the user that the issue might not be with the user itself but with the discord. He also said they have passed this issue to the respective team and actively working on it to get it solved.

And yes, the developers of the discord acknowledged the issue and told me that they are actively working on this issue. But if the issue occurred on the client-side then you can do the below fixes to clear off the issue.

Below are some solutions that you can try to solve the discord awaiting endpoint error in discord.

Solution 1:

Change your geographic location in the discord and try connecting again. 

Discord always detects your geographic location and connects to the server nearby so that you can have a clear connection to the discord servers. For example, if you are in the united states then your data will be routed through the unites states server so that it will be easy to make a call without the lag.

In audio-video streamers, the main problem is the data streaming problem. So it is very important to connect to the servers nearby. If the server is connected to a place that is very far away then the lagging problem will occur and this error discord awaiting endpoint will occur.

Here’s how you can manually set the geographic location to solve this error.

  1. Start the discord app.
  2. Go to the settings and in the left sidebar, select the server settings option.
  3. In that, you can see the automatically selected server location. You can change that to the server location you are very close to. This will reduce the data lag and the error could be solved.
  4. Save the settings and exit.
  5. Restart the discord app.

Also, check the internet connection before you start the discord. After the start, you can now see if the error still occurs or not. If the error still persists then follow the other steps below.

Solution 2:

Uninstall and reinstall the discord app.

Whatever may be the device if a small problem occurred with the app which is not handled in code by the developer it might get hang and will not respond until it gets restarted. 

The error discord awaiting endpoint might be one such error and it may get solved if you just restart the system. Whatever may be device just make a quick restart. 

Then check with your internet connection. If the connection is okay then open the discord. It may get solved if you follow these steps correctly.

Solution 3: 

Clear the app data and try again ( Only applicable to Windows OS)

If you are not okay with uninstalling and reinstalling since may involve things that require admin rights there is another solution. Clearing the app data. If you clear the app data it is just like installing the app as a fresh copy.

If you are using windows then here are the steps to delete the app data.

  1. Go to the Run
  2. Type “%appdata%”
  3. Now it will open the folder that has all the AppData of the apps that is installed in the windows system.
  4. In that folder, you can see a folder with the name discord.
  5. Just select the folder and hit delete.
  6. The AppData for discord is now deleted.
  7. Important thing is that before you delete the folder you need to close the discord. Else you will get the “Folder in use error”

Now restart the discord and try connecting to the friends and check whether the error can be reproduced. If it is not solved then try following the next step. This step might surely work.

Solution 4:

Using the VPN that has servers near to your geolocation.

One of the primary reasons for this error is the presence of servers in different locations that are not adjacent to the location that you are in. So you need to you a VPN that has the country servers you need to connect to. Follow the steps for using the VPN to solve this error.

  1. Get a VPN either a free one or paid one. Check the available locations before you make a purchase or install.
  2. Install the VPN in your system.
  3. Close the discord. For extra steps just restart the internet connection in your system.
  4. Now open the VPN and ON the connection.
  5. Choose the server you need to connect to. Make sure to choose the server near your location.
  6. Now open the discord and check the error. Now I’m sure there won’t be an error now.

The above are the four solutions that you can try to solve the error discord awaiting endpoint. Hope you got an idea of how to solve this error. If you find that this error is not solved yet then you can comment below with the screenshot so that our team can help you solve the error.

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