Current Version Plugin Default Browser Helper

Many Mac OS users have reported seeing this ‘Default Browser Helper Plugin’ in the plugins list. Tune in here to find everything you need to know about it. 

Current Version Plugin Default Browser Helper

This is part of Mac OS X 10.9 and any new version. The plugin is a new browser plugin bundled with the update and is loaded in the web browsers or any other browsers like Firefox or Opera and more. You can see the plugin in the ‘plug-ins or add-ons’ list. 

The Function of Default Browser Helper

The plug-in a simple tool introduced by Apple whose purpose is mentioned as ‘Provides information about the default web browser’ if you look up. There are not many details regarding this apart from this much. The plug-in contains tests that help it to prompt the user into setting Apple Safari as the default browser on their system. If you are using a Mozilla Firefox or Opera then the plug-in will detect it and provide a dialog box asking you ‘If you want to set Safari as your default browser’. 

Details about Default Browser Helper 

The plug-in is known to support internet media type, i.e. MIME. Apple does not have an inherent use for this plug-in and none of their program or software use it. That brings a question as to why was the plug-in designed in the first place. 

The current version of this plug-in varies based on the Mac OS and the update on them. Though the new updated MAC OS 10.12. i.e. ‘Sierra’ and a recent update has removed the plug-in from the system. 

Removing the Default Browser Helper Plug-in

You can disable the plug-in with ease without any worries. Since the plug-in is just a means of promoting the Safari web browser, you will not lose out on anything even if you remove or disable it. 



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