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Replace With After Effects Composition Greyed Out



Replace With After Effects Composition Greyed Out

Adobe Premiere Pro CC has had a few hiccups in the past. This has created quite an issue for creators and designers. With many designers needing Premiere Pro for their work, seeing these issues can be infuriating. One of those prominent issues seen these days is the greying out of the ‘Replace with After Effects Composition’. This post will help find out details about the issue and integrate a solution to help you out. Read along. 

What is ‘Replace with After Effects Composition’ Greyed out?

Most of the users have dynamic projects that need to be used in integration with the Premiere Pro and After Effects. This is why the button ‘replace with After Effects composition’ comes in handy as that allows you to create a dynamic link and help you access it easily. However, the button may seem greyed out in some instances and that’s what the users are reporting at the moment. Thankfully you can solve the issue with just a few steps.

Solution for ‘Replace with after effects Composition’ Greyed Out 

Step 1: Check whether the files are missing or not

  • Open your C drive and go to the Program Files(x86) 
  • Under the Program Files (x86), look for Common Files.
  • There you’ll find a folder with Adobe. 
  • Open the folder and find the dynamic link folder inside it.
  • Now open the dynamic link folder and check whether there are folders like CS6, AfterFX, 7.0 for CC, and Premiere. If there’s any one of them missing then that is the reason why the issue occurred in the first place. 

Step 2: Rename the files

  • Start by going into the dynamic link folder
  • There’s you’ll find a folder with the name 1.0. Rename the folder as old 1.0. Also, remate the folder 7.0 as the old 7.0. 

Step 3: Reset the preferences for After Effects and Premiere Pro 

  • Open the C drive and go to Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\After Effects.
  • There you’ll find a folder as 12.0 and 12.1. Rename the folder as old 12.0 and old 12.1. 
  • Look for the folder with the name 7.0 and rename it to old 7.0 in the same folder. 
  • Now restart your system and run the program once again. The issue should be resolved now. 
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