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ORA-00984: Column Not Allowed Here



ORA-00984: Column Not Allowed Here

Are you looking for a solution for ORA-00984: Column not allowed here issue? Find everything you need to know down below.

The Issue

This is an error that results when the column is not allowed in any particular area of the program. Whenever a user attempts to issue any SQL certificate including a column name into an area where it is not permitted, then this issue tends to occur. This is quite a common occurrence when the VALUES clause sees a false insertion. 

How to Solve the Issue?

The issue can be resolved with ease by taking just a few steps. You can do them with these approaches:

  • Correct the INSERT statement. For this, you need to include a character value in place of the column name. 
  • If you want to insert a column name then you can rewrite the INSERT statement by using sub-select. 

Things to remember

Sometimes you cannot find an issue about the error and why it occurs. The log file for the error, i.e. elert.log. may also not explain the issue the right way. This is where the situation gets a bit tricky. You can though look for the errors by DML errors via logging into it. You can also do AUDIT syntax by going through the DDL audit and finding the error. For this, you may have to change some of the values in the tables, indices, or any constraints to help make it useful to find the error source in the file. 

How to keep the errors away?

To keep away the errors from coming up, you have to be aware of how the values and columns interact with each other in the database. This will help you keep the errors like this ORA-00984 away for long. This can help save you hours of finding the error and correcting it. 

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