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10 Key Features of the Top Loyalty Management Software



Loyalty management software or system allows an individual to create, manage, launch and track all the loyalty programs. Loyalty management software is sometimes a built-in function in the user CRM system or sometimes built on an entirely different platform integrated with the user’s CRM system

The given below are the 10 Key Features of the Top Loyalty Management Software platforms:

  1. Dynamic customer segmentation: This helps add customers to the proper segment established on their respective data. This means that each individual that fulfills the condition will be assigned to the respective part and can get in touch with the relevant projects. In addition, the availability of advanced filters allows the customer base to be grouped into fine-grained groups.
  2. CRM system integration: To connect with the campaign’s consumer aspect, it is essential to make consumer loyalty program management software of them. This means that syncing with CRM software is essential. The best loyalty management software should be capable of storing all the data.
  3. Flexible eligibility rules: The right loyalty management software will allow businesses to set up fine-grained validation rules. Also, there should be a scope to change the practices with time as more is learned about the consumers and for unique platforms.
  4. Tiers, levels and gamification: Generating tiers will make the customer loyalty program better and more interesting, including a gamification effect. Consumers would be eligible for several loyalty levels strictly based on their custom events or purchases made. Thus it is important a loyalty management software to have this included.
  5. Loyalty rewards stacking: The loyalty rewards stacking characteristics define forbidden and allowed discount combinations, allowing businesses space for personalization. Also, it must define which promotions should or shouldn’t be combined.
  6. Omnichannel distribution: The omnichannel approach is a must-have feature. It is about dedicated landing pages and in-app messages. The loyalty program software for businesses should be able to easily integrate through the different plugins available in the market or with API or Zapier integration.
  7. Self-service customer portal: It is also essential for all businesses to answer all questions related to rewards and terms and conditions. Doing this manually is not possible. Also, consumers should get an accessible mode to check their performance and redeem rewards. Loyalty program software with a digital wallet or a self-serve portal will easily handle all this.  
  8. Dynamic notifications: Businesses should be careful while sending informational information and relevant notifications to their customers. Spamming will leave the consumers irate. A loyalty program should be such that it sends reminders based on consumers’ attributes. Also, the reminders must be sent to the device of their choice.
  9. Personalization: Businesses should invest in that loyalty management software that can personalize incentives quickly and smoothly. This should cover the three essential areas of eligibility, rewards, and timing.
  10. A/B testing and analytics: Businesses should be able to run several A/B tests and iterations. This will help enterprises try out several variations of the rewards program before the launch. It is essential to keep in account that every marketing expedition is an experiment.

To Conclude

Several loyalty management systems are available, but not all are equal in capabilities. Thus, choosing the right one for a business van can sometimes be tricky and grueling. Before choosing, an individual must think over the functionalities that they require to run the loyalty program and also which one they might require in the future for customer retention is at its maximum.

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