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IDP.Generic – Identity protection Issue [ Resolved ]



IDP.Generic - Identity protection Issue [ Resolved ]

The Abbreviation of IDP means Identity protection. The IDP.Generic is an issue that is detected by the IDP component in the Anti-virus program due to the unusual activities of the file. This Trojan threat is designed to infect or make any serious damage by deleting or crashing important files in your system. It is created by hackers and someone who is on the internet.

In many cases system, Anti-virus will find the threat and it won’t allow the program to proceed further. The virus file will always be named as legitimate and go into hiding in any of your important folders and slowly infect or damage your system. Sometimes you may notice this issue while trying to play games, your anti-virus will consider it as a threat and it won’t allow you to proceed further. So IDP.Generic issue is usual sometimes but ignoring the alert message is not the right choice. 

If you’re getting an alert message sometimes it may be a false positive but it is safe to check the file using another Antivirus program or update your Antivirus program upto date and make sure the file is not repeated again. This IDP.Generic trojan virus will make your system malfunction which will open irrelevant tabs and windows frequently and decrease the performance. And it will delete and steal important data which will lead to data loss and system crashes in the future.   

What happens when your computer is infected with IDP.Generic?

In many cases, if your system is infected with a virus then it can be identified by the following unusual behavior. When your system gets infected, the window will frequently pop-ups, it will send irrelevant many numbers of emails from your account frequently, it will disrupt your work like changing the file location and password changes, deleting important files, when you’re turning on your windows then many programs will automatically start working, the erratic behavior of the computer and which all resulting in slow down the performance. 

There are many offline Antivirus software that is able to scan the file and detect the IDP.Generic viruses are Avast, Bit Defender, Kaspersky, and more. And also you should need to update your Antivirus software because the virus is named legitimate so you need to update your Antivirus software up-to-date. The virus will slow down the performance of your system, if you’re passing a command then it will take more time to respond. So if you’re getting an IDP.Generic message then make sure with another Antivirus software which will not repeat the same file again, if it detected the same file again then you should delete the file immediately. 

Steps to solve IDP.Generic issue (Simple steps):

Installing Antivirus is like a protective layer to your computer because the Antivirus will help you to scan and find viruses at the entry-level. If your system is infected with the IDP.Generic virus then simply follows steps to restore your computer. These steps will help you to restore your computer thoroughly in an efficient way. 

  1. Uninstalling the irrelevant files

First, you need to delete the detected files and also delete the files that you have recently downloaded games or programs. Do it again, scan the file and folder in Antivirus, if still there is an IDP.Generic detection then deletes the files. In many cases, the IDP.Generic causes due to the unknown file that have downloaded with software recently so delete the recently installed files or uninstall the software.

  1. Restoring your system 

Restoring the system will lead to some data loss but it will help you to bring back the system to install the last working state. The system restore will not work as the system backups and something like personal data and files does not save the old copies. The restoring point will automatically take backups per week or once you have installed any software or making any huge changes in the system. This will help you to restore the system but it may lose some data which is recently dated. The restore will allow you to bring back the system earlier. 

  1. Updating the Antivirus

The IDP.Generic virus is named legitimate and hides inside the important files and infects the system files. So updating your antivirus will update the database of the software when the software is detecting the file as false positive than after update which has possible to change. And the paid version of the Antivirus software will monitor your system if there is any unusual threat is activating then it will immediately give you an alert message to delete it. And it will protect your system more securely. 

  1. Formatting the Device (Only if other ways are not possible)

Clearing your entire data is the last option to do because if any of the above processes didn’t work then you should immediately format your device which will at least save your system from stealing important data. Before formatting, transfer the important and well-known files to your external drive. Before transferring make sure the file is safe because of the IDP.Generic virus file was named legitimate. 

How to prepare your system against IDP.Generic issue?

The following steps are easier to do and will help you to protect your system from harmful viruses. Firstly, Always use the Antivirus and firewall protection, Before downloading check the site whether secure or not, Keep the Antivirus software update, Don’t click on any banner ad, Don’t open mail from unknown senders, Add Avast extension to the chrome. Without an Antivirus system like an open locker which makes viruses easy to delete and steal important files in your system. 

And now Antivirus software is available in a web-based built-in application that allows you to find IDP.Generic issues through the file online using the VirusTotal website. And add an extension in chrome that will help you to find the website is safe to download any file. 

Steps to Solve the false positive alert:

The Antivirus program detected the file as a virus and you’re checking with another Antivirus program if suppose the program doesn’t detect the same file then it is a false positive. So if you need to solve the false positive in the Avast Antivirus program the following steps are used for solving this alert. 

Step 1:  Launch Avast Antivirus.

Step 2: In Avast software, On the left corner of the screen you are able to see the Protection button click on it. 

Step 3: In Protection Tab, In the Virus chest option, you need to find and locate the file which is detected as IDP.Generic and right-click on it then click on Restore and add to extension option to unlock the file and restore them in the original location.  

If you’re getting an IDP.Generic alert message then check the file using another Antivirus software and confirm that the same file is repeating then delete or unlock the file and we believe that your issues are solved.

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