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Cloud Apps and Services for increasing Business Productivity



Cloud Apps and Services for increasing Business Productivity

The Cloud is not just for file backups anymore. Switching to a cloud service provider provides businesses with increased access to information and can significantly improve communication and collaboration capabilities. Think You can use cloud for a enormous amount of purposes, which increases your business productivity.

Lots of mobile apps and Web services are available to help business people who want all their digital content–not just documents–at their fingertips at any time. We have listed some great cloud apps and services.

SlideShark :  Power Point Presentations on the iPad

To use it, you upload a file to the cloud, where the service automatically converts it for download to the iPad. In addition, you can share presentations online for viewing on demand from virtually any device, and then track the viewing results.

LeaseRunner :  Manage Rentals

LeaseRunner is a digital leasing platform that lets landlords manage all aspects of the rental process–from tenant applications and background checks to lease execution and monthly rent payment–from their desktop or tablet.

AutoCAD WS :  Design in Cloud

Millions of engineers and designers have downloaded AutoCAD WS because it gives them a workspace in the cloud where they can view, edit, and share their files as well as collaborate with other people in real time.

The mobile app lets you annotate and revise AutoCAD drawings on your mobile device, work with local copies of designs when you have no Internet connection, and open DWG, DWF, and DXT files that you receive by email.

Huddle Sync : Secured file sharing

Unlike other popular cloud backup and file-syncing services–which can be the bane of IT administrators who worry about the security of company data–Huddle Sync (currently in private beta) gives employees access only to the company content that they are permitted to view, in real time and on any device, and it fully syncs only files of immediate interest.

Powered by patent-pending predictive technology, Huddle Sync’s learning algorithms, which are linked to staffers’ actions in Huddle, intelligently select files that will be of most relevance to users. Watch Huddle’s YouTube video for more information

Kindle Cloud Reader : Read eBooks

The Kindle Cloud Reader lets you read Kindle books on a PC or Mac using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, on Linux computers using Chrome or Firefox, and on an iPad using Safari.

When you launch the reader, you have to sign in with your account to access your existing Kindle Library. You can also set it to enable offline reading.

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print not only lets you print remotely to a connected networked printer, but also integrates with a slew of apps so that you can print from Chrome or any mobile device. For instance, the Google Docs app on Android allows you to print documents, spreadsheets, and other Docs files right from your smartphone.

OnLive Desktop :  Cloud version of MS-Office

OnLive Desktop gives you full-featured online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your iPad or Android tablet, as well as cloud storage for transferring files between devices.

Paid versions add accelerated browsing, additional storage, Flash support, and other features. Within Windows you can use touch gestures such as pinch and zoom, drag and drop, and flick to scroll.

HotSchedules :  For Restaurant Owners

This Web service lets restaurant managers build employee schedules online, including availabilities, requests off, job codes, and experience levels; it also allows managers to check sales forecasts and historical trends so that they know how much staffing they’ll need.

Managers can push prepared schedules out and alert staff via text or email. Staffers can then view their work schedule, request shift trades, and communicate with coworkers, all from their phone or computer.

Outright :  Business Accounting in Cloud

Think Mint, but more focused on business. This affordable Web platform and iOS app handles all of a business’s accounting needs, automatically estimating taxes, profits, and annual revenue projections.

Outright just launched an iOS interface last month that lets entrepreneurs enter cash transactions while in the field or at trade shows. If you use Square or some other credit card reader, digital transactions flow automatically into Outright.

OfficeDrop :   Paper in Cloud

This digital filing system handles any kind of paperwork. Imagine you’re at a business lunch, and you take notes on a napkin. With your iPhone, Android handset, or iPad camera, you can scan your napkin scribbles, a paper contract that someone else at the table needs you to sign, and the receipt for your meal.

OfficeDrop saves them all to the cloud as PDF files that are instantly searchable. While you sit there, you can share everything with your assistant back at the office.

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