What is the Future of Web Developers ?

What is the Future of Web Developers ?

The internet has so many  things in store for us users, in business, in the government and the people involved in developing applications, UIs, programmers and web developers. Some say that the internet will give more of the same , but somehow different from a few years back. Others on the other hand say that radical changes are happening now and quite unbelievable that it is already a reality ( remember Tom Cruise’s Minority Report where he uses swipes and gestures to browse through records on their computer).  Well the truth is, no one can really know what will happen in the next 10 to 20 years.

For web designers and developers, the future is uncertain  because radical changes in the internet will happen and these professionals need to understand how will it affect how many of us will do for a living and the adaptations we need to do . For web designers and developers, there are different jobs they can go for and good job outlook for up to 2020 at least.  The internet needs computer scientists and database administrators ( web developers, web designers, webmasters); writers and editors ( web writers); computer programmers ( web programmers); graphic designers and desktop publishers ( web publications designers). Database administrators and computer scientists are predicted to be one of  the fastest growing occupations over the next ten years. Desktop publishers will stay around while some say that computer programmers will be on the decline through 2016.

Web content writers will be on the upswing. The future is content and data. Most people today are switching to the Smartphone as their source of communication and data gathering. I, for one used to be a non believer of Smartphones. I was skeptical of its  capabilities and usefulness but when I get a hold of one I became a believer. A blackberry, an iPhone or an Android device, most of us use our Smartphone everyday from checking email to working on projects  and entertainment. Web writers will be in demand and will still grow in the following years. Web writing is also a good way to learn some added skills that can be useful. You can learn web designing, and if you technical enough and know HTML and know how to publish content on different websites, then you’re in a good position.

What web developers need to think about

The world wide web is moving towards an open and content centered existence. There are trends showing and introduced  at present but the future of web design is still uncertain. Most experts say that the future of web design is moving beyond designing for one sole device. The question is “ is it all about mobile communications and mobile computing?”  the answer is no, but mobile is really important in the development.

A few years ago, when someone accesses a content over the internet or visit a website, the servers present contents to the users  based on the type of platform they are using- it can be either a mobile,  a tablet, a portable PC, or a desktop. But over the last few years, the web design people and engineers have adopted responsive web design. It includes scalable images, adjustable layouts and fluid widths which remains consistent across all platforms. The web developers  should be  free of platform chasing. This way, they can focus on building features and reliable contents. These professionals  will be more effective when they are focused on creating a good web experience rather that chasing minute problems.

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