Top 7 Important Elements Of A Highly Converting Website

When you have a website, it is of paramount importance that you put strategies in place to attract as many visitors to your site as possible as well as have a high converting rate. If conversation rate on your site is low then you need to do something so that you can improve the effectiveness of your site. The main essence of having a website is to increase the sales volume of your products and services and if this is not achieved through your site then there is a problem that needs to be fixed. A site should help your firm to make revenue and this is achieved through conversion of traffic to sales. Otherwise, you will just be draining your finances and taking up space on the server with nothing to show. Discussed in this article are 7 most important elements of a high converting website.

Catchy and Effective Headlines

The headlines for your site should be succinct, catchy and compelling. Especially the homepage headline, it should be very compelling because it sums up the content of the site. You should always have the user in focus when coming up with headlines for your site. A majority of customers do not care so much about the firm procedures, standards and awards but much about their problems and how your firm is going to solve that problem. Therefore, it is of importance to come up with creative and effective headlines that will catch the attention of the visitors as well as compel them to read more about the firm’s products and services.

Call To Action

This is one of the most important elements of a high converting website. Without call to action on your site, the users might not know what you would like them to do after visiting the site. Individuals want to know the next point of action because a majority of people do not want to think hard or invest their time digging on what need to be done. To avoid losing customers because of this, it is good that you have a clear call of action telling the users exactly what you would like them to do once they visit your site. Guesswork may make your company lose huge volumes of sales but a clear call to action will increase the conversion rate significantly.

Good Design

Many are the times when companies have sub-par design in their sites instead of having a clear, on message design. Sub-par design is characterized with cluttered, off-message and no strategy behind the design and this leads to low converting rate. On the other hand, a well designed and thought out website increases the conversation rate. A clear and on-message design of your site will have a defined message being relayed throughout the typography, layout, imagery and color. Such kind of a web design will help the company to build trust among its clients as well as guide the eyes of their users. This will ultimately lead to high converting rate and increased sales.

Unique Value Proposition

You need to establish what makes your firm unique and how different it is from your competitors. In order to have a high converting rate, you must have a unique value proposition. Users need to get it clear why they have to buy your goods and services and not from the bazillions of other companies in the market. Creating a unique value proposition will go a long way to increasing the conversation rate in your site.

Balanced Content

You must find the balance between too little or too much information. When you have too much content in your site, it may lead to overwhelm while too little information can lead to confusion by the user both of which will affect the conversation rate adversely. You must take time and know your target market so that you can provide adequate content that will enable them make a sound decision on your products and services quickly.

Ease of Navigation

It is of great importance to have a site where the visitors can easily navigate through. Having too many options can negatively affect the conversion rate because this makes navigation of your site a bit hard. You can use whitespace if need be, to make things stand out from the rest for ease of navigation. Hire angular developer to Work with the web developer team to keep navigation simple and easy. Toronto web designers will do a superb job for you if you are in Toronto.

If you want to increase sales volume through your site then you must increase the conversation rate. The points discussed above are the 7 most important elements of high converting website.

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