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Qualcomm qca9565 802.11b/G/N Wireless Adapter



Qualcomm is one of the most used Bluetooth adapters that is used in the systems. If you’ve seen devices, then you should see the Qualcomm adapters on most of them. Qualcomm has a good response for their devices. We here look at it:

Qualcomm qca9565 802.11b/G/N Wireless Adapter

Qualcomm qca9565 802.11b/G/N Wireless Adapter

Qualcomm Atheros QCA9665 adapter is used on the laptops and comes with Dell laptops. If you are looking for the drivers for this one then you can find the same with ease. A thing to remember that any adapter with the b/g/n marks a single band card. This works on the 2.4 GHz band. 

How to download the Qualcomm qca9565 802.11b/G/N Wireless Adapter driver?

If you are using the Dell laptop then you can download the drivers from the website with ease. Follow these steps down below:

  • Go to the Dell site and look for the laptop section.
  • There you have to go for the Support section of the website.
  • Now look for your laptop model, and then go for the Windows edition of your laptop.
  • Then download the Qualcomm Wireless Adapter driver.
  • Now download the file and extract the same.
  • Then proceed to install the file. 

Note: The download file comes with support for both 32 bit and 64-bit windows. Look to see which can suit your version of windows. And download the same. The installer package is quite small and consists of just 97 MB.

Will Qualcomm qca9565 802.11b/G/N Wireless Adapter run on 5 GHz band?

The Qualcomm driver comes with a b/g/n mark. This means that the band runs on a single frequency. It runs on 2.4 GHz and can run that band with ease. However, it is not likely to run the 5 GHz band. Many users have looked to see if they can run this band for faster speeds or not. But they can’t. 


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