Top 5 Things Every E-Commerce Website Should Have

In the crowded world of e-commerce, it is only natural that you want to get the leg up against your competitors. As such, it is crucial that your website offers optimum online shopping experience for customers, and you will only be able to do that by having a handful of essentials in place. So whether you are building a new e-commerce website or are planning to redesign the one you already have, do not forget to include these five things as they will encourage both new and existing customers to choose you and your product or service over your competitors.

Compelling logo

This one is pretty obvious, but many companies do not put a lot of effort into their brand’s main visual. Thus, when designing your e-commerce site, it is a good idea to pay attention to your logo. Focus on giving it a message that consumers can easily identify with, not to mention that it should be unique and easily recognizable. Avoid using generic logo, especially if you are just starting out and are looking to expand your reach. Doing so is the easiest way for people to disregard your business because they do not find your logo enticing and interesting.

Shopping basket and search box

Remember that you want your customers to have optimum online shopping experience and the best way you can provide that to them is to make sure your site has a good shopping cart set up and a search box in place. It is almost impossible for a store to run without a shopping cart function, but the important thing here is that yours should be reputable and will allow customers to easily select items for eventual purchase.

If you are dealing with a store that has a wide selection of goods, a search box is another must-have tool you should have. This will enable customers to easily locate a specific product they are looking for.

Helpful product or service details

Nowadays, conventional product or service information, such as size, shape, width, and colour, is not enough. You will be able to take your e-commerce website a step further by offering more helpful details that answer your clients’ needs. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you have anticipated their questions which can assist them in making the right purchasing decision. This will also reduce the occurrence of returns.

Social media links

A good percentage of online purchases are made through social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. As such, it is a good idea to have social media links on your e-commerce site. Not only will they aid you in expanding your client reach, they also offer excellent opportunities for self-promotion and at the same time provide you a channel in which customers can stay updated on the latest news about your products or services as well as special deals that your company might be offering.


Trustmarks are small logos or images indicating that it is safe to shop on that particular site. These accreditation marks provide customers a sense of security and the confidence to share their private information to your company. With the presence of trustmarks on your website, people would be more inclined to make a purchase knowing that their payment details are in good hands.

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