Top 6 ways to Copy Files Faster in Windows

Top 6 ways to Copy Files Faster in Windows

Every newbie computer geek would surely start a healthy discussion with their best buddies regarding how to copy files faster in windows operating system. File transfer in Windows operating systems always makes us frustrated. The built in file transfer system of Windows is quite slow and consumes more time than any other operating systems and so copying or moving large files in Windows might be a dreadful experience for the most especially when copying in bulk. The experience is too crucial when we need to copy files from or to USB drives. The reasons for this terrible occurrence can many including size of file being copied or moved, available hard disk space, incompatibility of hardware, presence of viruses and malwares, etc. So the treatment for this depends but here I will introduce some tools and tips which will help you to copy files faster in Windows operating systems.

How to copy files faster in Windows

There are plenty of awesome free tools that can copy files faster in windows operating system and along with these tools, there are even some geeky tricks to copy files faster in windows. Below are 6 such awesome tricks which helps you to copy files faster in windows OS.


TeraCopy will copy and move the files with the maximum possible speed and will skip junk files which slow down the transferring. TeraCopy will automatically check for errors during the process itself by calculating its CRC checksum values. Moreover TeraCopy will show a lot of information about the files being copied like the size of each file, time taken to copy, etc. Also, we have the option to pause the process, cancel or to skip a specific file in a bulk being copied.

Supercopier 3

Supercopier 3 or Ultracopier is a free open source program licensed under the GPL. The program is a substitute for file transfer or copy dialogs and the best feature of Supercopier includes pause button, speed limitation, error or collision management and on-error resume.  The version Supercopier 3 is also known as Ultracopier and both are developed by alpha_one_x86. The version 3 has full and native management of Unicode and UAC support for Windows. Also it has code and performance improvements when compared to the other versions.

Total Copy

Another tool to boost your file transfer speed, which has options like pause, auto-pause on any error, resume on Power failure, speed limitations, etc.  The auto pause on any error feature will help you to pause your process when any error occurs or you run out of disk. If the power goes off you have the facility to pause and can resume when you are supplied with power.  And of course Total copy is faster than Windows at a rate of around 10% locally and 1% in networks.

Geeky Tricks to copy files faster in Windows 

Dealing with Windows operating systems is weird, the errors that we might face with Windows are unlimited and most errors can only be repaired with a Windows repair or reinstall. Often this happens due to lack of knowledge of the user. Here are some add-ons to your Windows knowledge that will help you to have a faster Windows experience, also will resulting to copy files faster in windows.

Clean your system

Make sure your system is clean from junk files. Try to have a clean desktop than a crammed one.  Divide your folders with large files into smaller ones and hence will help you to have a better response.

Remove viruses and malware

Install a good antivirus like Kaspersky and see whether your system is free from viruses and malwares. Some type of viruses will make your system processes slower.  Remember each and every Windows systems are exposed to viruses and threats like those.


Defrag your Windows computer to regain the fast performance. In a Windows system files are stored in a hard drive with space, and hence a drive will become fragmented with many broken files and consequently will slow down the computer response, so defrag, it’s time now.

Let us know if you have any still better tricks to copy files  in windows. Make use of below comments section to express your ideas.

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