Top 4 things to Check while Choosing Free Web Hosting

Top 4 things to Check while Choosing Free Web Hosting

I have been in the field of blogging for past few years. I still remember my early blogging days, in which I used to suffer a lot for finding web hosting. The task was difficult for me because my requirement was a good free web hosting. Not only me, but this is the case with many newbies, and since you are reading this article, you also are most likely to be a newbie. So you are tired now by surfing the web for a long time for free web hosting? There are many web hosts that provide zero price tag web hosting. Of course, if you want to get the best performance of your blog/website, then you must choose the free web hosting. This is not an easy task. But the below article will make it easy. So read it out.


Ever wondered that why the web hosts provide penniless hosting? They actually earn money from it, too! They do so by showing ads on your blog hosted on their free servers. Well, not all free web hosts do so, but many! Therefore, before opting for any free hosting service, make sure to check that it does not annoy you and your blog/website’s visitors by running ads.


If the free web hosting that you go with does not provide you good speed, then that web hosting is nothing but a complete waste only. Not only the search engines, but the visitors also love those websites which load very fast. If you free web host is unable to provide you good speed, then you seriously need to look for a new one.

Space and Bandwidth

Space is must check factor before you make your final decision. Most of free web hosts provide only few of MBs. If you come across any such web host, just neglect it and pass by. Make sure that you get at least 1GB of web space. Although the real metric of web space is your requirements only. If you are one who are thinking to upload multimedia content, then of course, you should go with the host that provides your maximum web space.

Along with web space, you should also check the bandwidth that any particular free web hosting provider provides you. The bandwidth requirement depend on amount of traffic that your blog gets. Every time any visitor visits your website, some amount from bandwidth gets eaten. Therefore, go with that free web hosting that offers you maximum bandwidth, a reasonable bandwidth, at the very least.

FTP Access

If you want to work with your blog/website’s files, then you require FTP access to the server. This is very sad point that most of the free web hosting provides do not give FTP Access to their users. If you are opting for one that does the same, then wait! You are going to commit a big mistake, about which, you will be feeling sorry for sure, later on.

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