Top 3 Equalizer apps for Android

Top 3 Equalizer apps for Android

You can change the quality of music or audio you listening on your Android smartphone or tablet by using some equalizer apps. These apps will let you change the frequency of the sound you hearing while listening to any of your favorite song.

We all know about what equalizer is? It is used to adjust the frequency from Bass (lower frequency) to Treble (higher frequency) and there are lots of other features included as well.

Earlier featured mobile phones use to come with some preloaded equalizer tweaks and user were allowed to choose any one of them but with Android smartphone or tablet you can change the frequency in a way you want.

What I need to do?

You need to install an equalizer app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Once the app is there on your device then it will allow you to change or adjust the frequencies anytime you want. Apps will also offer you some preloaded sets of frequencies that you can choose without involving much into the adjustments.

You can get the equalizer apps on the official apps market i.e. Google Play store but finding best equalizer app may be hectic for you. So here I’m with the list of few best equalizer apps for Android devices available on the Google Play store.



This is the most basic in use but professional in feature app. Why I’m calling this app as basic in use? Because using it is very easy and you’ll get expert within few minutes of using it.

The features which an equalizer should have like presets (preloaded sets of frequencies), virtualizer, bass booster, 5 band equalizer controller and reverb presets are all there in this app and the best part for a user is that the app is available for free.

The app works on the Bluetooth headsets as well and you can also add the app as a widget on your Android device. The app got some additional features as well which require users to buy unlock key. The app doesn’t require you to root your Android device which is again the best part of the app.

Music Equalizer


The best thing I liked about this app is its user interface. The UI of the app looks very elegant and it’s easy to use as well. The app is available for free and comes with features like bass booster, 5 band equalizer, 9 equalizer presets, visualizer effect, etc.

It can be added on the home screen as a widget using which you can directly choose one equalizer frequency among all presets. The app got simple user interface and all required features.

Music Volume EQ

If you didn’t liked above two apps and want to look at some other one then this one is the last recommended app from my side. The app has got all the features that I’ve mentioned in above two apps and it is also available for free. You may use this app due to its unique and impressive UI.

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