Top 3 Apps to Learn Foreign Languages in Android Phone

Top 3 Apps to Learn Foreign Languages in Android Phone

With the increasing Globalization the need of knowing foreign languages is increasing day by day. In fact, the increase in tourism industry is also the reason why people want to learn other country’s languages.

Learning new languages isn’t too easy and it requires some serious learning work. Although you can learn any foreign language within a month but getting the perfect way of speaking a different language requires time and it comes with more and more practice.

Now, the topic here is how to learn new languages with your Android phone. Let me tell you that there are lots of apps available on the Google Play store using which you can learn any foreign language.

The benefit of learning languages from such apps is that you don’t need to go anywhere to attend classes and the apps will be there with you like a teacher as you’ll be carrying your mobile phone all the time with you.

If you’re convinced and want to learn languages on your Android phone using such apps then I’m including here few apps which you can use to learn new languages.

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

The app is available for free and using it you can learn English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese. The app will let you learn any language it supports in most simple and innovative ways.

Every language has got lots of chapters to read and this is how learning a language with this app becomes easy as you go step by step. The graphics of the apps are good enough to attract you.

Once you think that you learned a particular language then you can test yourself by taking exams within the app. The app will never ask you for a single penny as it’s completely free to use.

Learn English with!

This is the app which is there before the above app and it is widely used by Android users around the world. The app will let you learn 11 different languages but the thing I didn’t liked about this app is that you need to download particular app to learn a particular language. In short the single app doesn’t support all the languages.

The UI is good but not as elegant as of the previous discussed app. Also the app isn’t available for free completely as it comes with limited number of chapters and to get all the chapters unlocked you need to pay.

Tourist language learn & speak

This app will help you in learning Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. When you’re out on travelling around the world, carry this app in your smartphone.

The is available for free and it will let you translate the most common phrases used while speaking any language.

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