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PDFBear Guide: How You Can Elevate The Security Features Of Your PDF Files



PDFBear Guide: How You Can Elevate The Security Features Of Your PDF Files

Having a secure line of media for your important contents in your documents is one of the most important things you should prioritize. In today’s age, Portable Document Format ranks among the most trusted document formats you can use. However, the security features that it offers are still vulnerable.

Hence, the reason for using an online PDF converter tool to pump up the security level of your PDF file. There is a long list of online PDF converter tools that you may use on the internet. This article will introduce to you one of the most reliable online PDF converter tools that can help you have a much more secure line for your documents.

Things You Should Know About PDFBear

PDFBear is the online PDF converter tool you need to have a secure line of documents for your important contents. The function tool called “Protect PDF” will allow you to put an encrypted password to your PDF file so that you can choose the specific individuals that can have access to your documents.

There are also a lot of other tools for your documents that are recommended for you to explore to have a much more efficient way of handling your online documents. To give you some examples is PDF to Word, Unlock PDF, Merge PDF, Split PDF, and many more tools for your online documents.

Their website is built to have a simple interface where most individuals who do not have any experience converting their documents can easily manage to do so. You can convert your online documents by merely following the comprehensive instructions that can be seen each time you choose a function or a tool.

To give you an idea of how you can start off using the online tool you have chosen. Here is a comprehensive instruction on the online tool Protect PDF and how you can start converting your documents into a betterment.

 The Online Tool Protect PDF

Protect PDF will allow you to put your preferred password to your PDF file to be more secure than before. All you need to do is follow this series of steps that will lead you to have your online documents have a better security feature. Here is an example of the detailed Step by step tutorial on using the online tool Protect PDF.

1. The First Step is to upload the online documents that you want to put an encrypted password. You can choose how you want to upload your online documents into the system of PDFBear. You can select or click on the online document that you want to upload or use their new system, allowing you to drag the files and drop them into their allotted box.

2. The Second Step is to type in the password that you prefer into your online document. Having a long password that consists of a combination of big and small letters and series of numbers can help your documents to be more secure and is one way to make it harder to be hacked.

3. The Third Step is to ensure that you remember the encrypted password you have typed in the Second Step. It is also recommended to double-check the password if you have typed in the right password that you want. If everything is in line with your satisfaction, you can now proceed to the fourth and last Step. 

4. The fourth and last Step is to transfer the newly converted PDF file into your desired destination. An option you can choose is moving your document into your mobile device, desktop, or online storage. Online storage is recommended if you want to save up some space on your device or desktop.

The Online Tool Unlock PDF

If you are wondering if you can remove an online document that is encrypted with a password, PDFBear is also offering an online tool that will help you do that. The online tool “Unlock PDF” will allow you to remove the password of a PDF file. However, you can only use this online tool if you are already knowledgeable about the PDF file’s current password.

This is only for individuals who want to remove their passwords to access their documents more conveniently. Hence, the flexibility that the platform of PDFbear offers to the public.


It is advantageous to know the in and out of the security you can have when handling your PDF files. This can be a significant edge to keep your contents safe when handling your online documents. Make sure to check out the website today and don’t miss out on this great feature.

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