Organize And Secure Your PDF Files Using PDFBear

Organize And Secure Your PDF Files Using PDFBear

One could encounter a PDF file in his lifetime, be it at school or work. You cannot alter PDF files. So if you have files in Word format and do not want them to be altered, you can try to convert them into PDF. There are many tools for your PDF files available online. One of them is PDFBear. 

PDFBear is among the few trusted web-based tools. Tech-savvy and intermediate computer users widely use it. It provides easy and straightforward steps that will make your task easier! This article will give you the reasons you need PDFBear as your web-based tool.

Unlock PDF Files

Most people encrypt passwords to their PDF file, especially if that file needs extra security. However, one may encounter difficulties in unlocking their password. If you need additional help, PDFBear can easily unlock PDF online! Just follow these easy and straightforward steps to unlock your PDF files: 

  • The first thing you need to do is choose your files that need to be unlocked. And drag it to PDFBear’s system.
  • Next is to input the password on their system.
  • Select “unlock PDF.”
  • The system will decrypt your files. And you can download it online!

While some tools online will provide you challenging procedures in unlocking your PDF Files, PDFBear gives you four easy steps. With this, you can have more time to do other tasks that are given to you! 

Password Encryption

There is a sense of security if you put a password on your PDF files. Commonly, one would do this at work if the file contains data not meant to be seen by the public. Other tools might give you a hard time adding passwords for your PDF files. But PDFBear ensures you these easy steps: 

  • The first step is you need to select what files need password encryption.
  • The next step is to write your desired password.
  • Choose “encrypt PDF.”
  • You can now download your encrypted file online! 

There are also additional security features for your password encryption. PDFBear recommends a minimum of nine character passwords, plus it should contain numbers and have upper and lower case characters. It is formulated that way to have a safer and efficient procedure for your PDF file protection. 

Also, PDFBear provides 256-bit encryption. This is a type of protocol that experts and enthusiasts widely use. If your password is all set, hackers can not penetrate or crack your files because of this protocol. 

Moreover, an SSL connection is also added as an additional security feature. When you try to upload your file format to your local hard drive, an SSL connection will prompt. And after generating a password on your PDF file, another SSL encrypted setup will prompt.

If you look for other tools online, you may observe many steps involved in the process. But PDFBear guarantees you four easy, straightforward steps. This tool is suitable for beginners in using computers. One does not need to be tech-savvy in using this tool! 

Merging PDF files

Sometimes you may have the problem of combining one PDF file to another. If you have files that need to be combined with other files, well, PDFBear provides you with straightforward steps. While other tools have a complicated process, PDFBear only has these four easy steps: 

  • Choose the file that you need to merge and drag it to PDFBear’s system.
  • The system will combine your PDF file.
  • You can also alter it if it is necessary, then select “merge PDF.”
  • Viola! You have your merged PDF file, and you can download it online! 

Split PDF Files

If you look for a file splitter for your PDF, you can see several tools available online. However, a lot of them are not as efficient as PDFBear. Your files need attention. To provide the proper attention, you need the right tools for it. PDFBear assures you an easy way of splitting your PDF files using these easy steps: 

  • First is you need to choose the PDF file you wish to split.
  • Select the pages from your PDF file you want to split from the original document.
  • After that, you may select “rectify the pages” and transport it into another file. 
  • In just a couple of seconds, you can download your newly split PDF file. 


Once you have experienced PDFBear’s comfort, you can also affirm the experience of other users. If you want to learn more about PDFBear, you may visit their website. They also offer a free trial for a limited time only!

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