Ora 27101 Shared Memory Realm Does Not Exist

If you’re getting “Ora 27101 Shared Memory Realm Does Not Exist” error when trying to connect your database using the SQL plus, then you’re not alone in this. Plenty of us has faced this issue with this issue. Thankfully we have got the right solution down here for you. Read along.

Ora 27101 Shared Memory Realm Does Not Exist

The Issue

The error message of ORA 2701 Shared Memory Realm Does Not Exist occurs when you try to invoke the SQL Plus. This may be either due to these below-mentioned reasons:

  • Invalid fields as ORACLE_HOME and ORACALE_SID
  • Or if the database is down

Here’s how to solve the issue

Case 1: When the fields of ORACLE_HOME and ORACALE_SID are invalid

This situation occurs when the parameters at the OS level is invalid. You should first check on both of the ORACLE_HOME and ORACALE_SID to find whether the data are set as correct as they should be. The data fields should be without any slash. If your ORACLE_SID is not set correctly, export the same to a valid one which will allow you to resolve the issue. 

Case 2: When the database is down

The second reason for the issue is when the database is down. This can be resolved with just a few steps. Verify whether the database is running or not to see it is down or not. When your database is down, try to start the database only at first. Also, check the environmental value of the ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID. 

Additional Hack

There’s an additional hack that may come of use during the solving of this issue. If you are using a windows system or PC, then restarting your OracleServiceXE can help solve the issue. Keep in mind that this hack is only for the situation if the issue is not a result of the aforementioned two scenarios. 

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