Losing Your Data -Why You need to Invest In The Modern Flash Drive ?

Losing Your Data -Why You need to Invest In The Modern Flash Drive ?

I think I speak for most of us in saying that we are all getting sick and tired of the continuous loss of important data; if it’s not the unexplained disappearance of files then it’s the misfortune of leaving a USB stick somewhere it shouldn’t be. But with great thanks to the advancements in modern-day technology these losses are becoming a thing of the past.

Historically, flash drives were created to only serve one purpose – storage for easily transferable files, with nothing else being safeguarded. It seems mad to think that both businesses and individuals were carrying around extensive amounts of important and confidential data without it being sufficiently protected for the event of theft and loss. Data loss prevention refers to systems or solutions that are designed to prevent data breaches and leakage, which might result in unauthorized access to your data.Listed below are just a few of the impressive features that flash drives now hold in order to make your life that bit easier:

Integrated GPS Tracking

For all of those times you’ve misplaced your USB stick on that important day you need it most then this is where GPS tracking can lend a helping hand. We’ve all heard and know of GPS tracking but why hasn’t it been linked with flash drives before now? It can allow you to track the location precisely, providing you peace of mind of its whereabouts and the chance to rightfully retrieve your data.  This is further backed up by the ability to provide details of the nearest mobile cell mast.

Remote Data Delete

This stand-out feature will come in very handy for those storing company confidentials (individuals details, medical notes and so on). When you really need to kill your data all that is needed is a minor action of command from the management console and a high voltage charge will remotely destroy the memory chip – along with it, all of the data. The data will be unsalvageable and completely destroyed so you don’t have to worry about anyone else getting their hands on it.

Personally Authorized Zoning

The mapping facility of the Management Console enables you to define certain locations where you would like the data  to be accessed and either permitted or excluded. For example, if you only wanted the files to be available at a work office and at your residence then you are able to set the locations accordingly. Additionally, email alerts can also be set up to advise the administrator.

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