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How to Maintain your Laptop and keep it Problem Free ?



How to Maintain your Laptop and keep it Problem Free ?

Laptops are important machines for everyday use whether its office, study and personal or entertainment use and a malfunctioning laptop causes plentiful distress and headaches.  When a device is that important it needs to be maintained and kept in top condition to work efficiently and to make sure it never breaks down.

Knowing the value of our laptops to us repair services are expensive while in some cases repair is even impossible. Even though it’s only a machine, it still has requirements and care needs to be taken during use, thus here are a few tips to ensure a healthy life for your laptop computer:

  • Install an Anti-Virus Program

There are numerous antivirus programs available such as AVG, Symantec, and McAfee etc. It is essential to have one installed and updated frequently for a long, healthy laptop life. Usually these programs are not installed since they may slow the performance but instead they can always be closed for a short while when something important is to be worked upon which does not involve a threat. If in such cases the program is not closed it will eat up the RAM which will also by dysfunctional for the laptop and lead to a short life. Due to anti-virus installation your laptops would be saved and give better performance.

  • Defragment the Hard Drive Habitually

De fragmentation of the hard drive re-arranges the file stored on the drive in a systematic manner which will use up less space and make the system more efficient. This option is easy available by entering the start menu, clicking on ‘programs’, followed by ‘accessories’, then ‘system tools’ and finally a click on ‘disk defragmenter’. Make sure the laptop is connected to a power outlet as the process can take time but it is worth the effort. This is not recommended too often but once a month is fine.

  • Placement of the Laptop

The laptop must never be placed on soft surfaces such as the bed because the fan will be blocked preventing cool air to enter and dust will also accumulate. This will cause the machine to heat up and shorten the lives of components inside. Air needs to easily pass in and out of the laptop and certain laptop accessories such as cooling trays or laptop desks can be used to provide ample ventilation. The laptop should be places on that surfaces which best for life of laptop. After use it you should be used covers for laptop.

  • Charging the Battery

To keep the battery in excellent condition one must never overcharge it. The power socket must be plugged out when the battery is fully charged. Once battery fully charged then you should be used laptop for working purposes if you didn’t charge fully then battery could be weak and its capacity slowly slowly comes down and it’s harmful for laptop. For optimum battery usage it’s best to nearly fully charge it and then nearly empty it before recharging, preferable 98% and 10%. It is also advisable to remove the battery from the laptop when storing away in the laptop bag for a variably long time.

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