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How to Build Your Custom PC ?



How to Build Your Custom PC ?

When it comes to building a Custom PC, most people think that they know how to build the perfect computer that would fulfill all their requirements. There are two key advantages of building your own PC. Firstly, it would save you significant amount of money and secondly, you would be able to have a PC that is built precisely to your specifications. There are some aspects to be considered when building your own PC.

First of all, you would have to determine the essential components required for your PC. The most important components required to build your own pc include the CPU, RAM, motherboard, hard drive, graphics cards and CD/DVD drive. You would have to purchase these essential parts. Then, the other components that can increase the usability of your PC include speakers, sound card and modem. However, there are optional components like DVD-RW drive, web camera and network card.

If you skip any component from the list of essential parts, don’t expect your system to work properly or work at all. There are input devices like the mouse and keyboard which are also essential parts. Even though you can work the system without a CD/DVD-drive, it wouldn’t be possible to install the operating system and other essential applications without having a drive to insert the CD.

The components that increase the usability of your Custom PC, such as the sound card and speakers may not stop your PC from working, but would certainly limit its functioning. If you wantto use the PC at home, it would be essential to have all these components because they would find application at one time or the other. However, if you need the PC for a commercial setting, chances are that you don’t need sound cards or speakers. However, a modem would be required for connectivity.

Then, there are the optional components that you can do without. However, the choice of these parts would depend upon why you want to build your own pc. For instance, if you want to use your PC more often for watching movies, it would be required to have a DVD drive rather than a CD drive. If you need to use a PC as a workstation, it would need to have a network card.

Keeping all these points in mind, you should first create a list of the required components that would go into making your Custom PC. Only once you have gathered all these pieces should you move ahead with the assembling process. This would ensure that you are not leaving out any piece just because you forgot it.

Experts suggest that a helpful point to build your own pc would be to have another working system at hand. This would be helpful especially when the new system doesn’t work. You can test different components by placing them into the other system. If you follow the points mentioned above, it would become much easier and far more efficient to create your own computer system. Make sure to choose only high-quality components with good warranties.

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