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How Gaming is Revolutionizing the NFT Market




As a gamer, you may like to keep up with the latest trends and learn what could be in store for you moving forward. Looking at the impact other industries are leaving is going to be crucial. Remember, there are lots of moving parts to any industry, and you find that many choose to work together collaboratively over the years. One of the latest collaborations is NFTs and gaming. 

This has introduced blockchain gaming. With this, players can purchase in-game items with their NFTs. This has opened up a new avenue of opportunities for everyone, from gamers to investors and entrepreneurs – everyone who is following the NFT market is seeing the benefits of this union. 

If you are interested in how NFTs are changing the gaming industry for the better, keep reading. 

Overview of the NFT Market

The NFT market is still new, but it is growing at an incredible rate. In fact, the NFT market has already grown by over 1,000% in the past year, reaching a total market capitalization of over $3 billion. Due to the increasing demand for NFTs, the market is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, so whether you are a gamer, a budding investor, or an entrepreneur looking to make the most of NFT opportunities, it is vital to learn more about them now. 

  • Stand Out Features 

Unlike other types of cryptocurrencies, NFTs have the following standout features:

  • They are not interchangeable
  • You cannot exchange them for other digital assets
  • They store digital information such as ownership, rights, and entitlements
  • NFTs are powered by smart contracts (digital agreements kept on the blockchain)

  • You Need To Make It Secure

The contracts these NFTs have allow users to securely transfer ownership of digital assets without the need for a middleman. Smart contracts also provide a layer of transparency and trust, as all transactions are visible on the blockchain. They require you to have a secure wallet, but you can visit this page to learn more and why you also need proof of reserve. 

What Are The Gaming Benefits of NFTs

There have to be benefits for people to be interested in, and it is no different for those within the gaming industry. There are many benefits for gamers, including increased ownership and security. In addition, players get unprecedented ownership over their digital assets, as they can be easily transferred or sold. Players can also trade their NFTs on the open market, creating a new digital currency.

The other more serious benefit is that it offers more security thanks to being on the blockchain – no one can counterfeit or duplicate anything, and this provides a layer of trust and transparency. Nothing is ever hidden on the blockchain. 

Standout Ways NFTs are Already Changing the Gaming Industry

What the future will hold regarding the relationship between NFTs and gaming is yet to be known, but if it is anything like the past couple of years, it looks very positive. The gaming industry has already started to benefit in many ways. Not only are they creating a new economy for gamers, but they are also altering the way developers create games. They can create new and exciting virtual worlds where interaction between players is easy and hassle-free. It is an experience like never before. They don’t have to rely on using microtransactions or loot boxes to get money from their gamers. Now they have a much more efficient and secure way. 

Beyond introducing new games to players, there are also digital items and skins for video games, eSports, and mobile games. 


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3 Reasons To Make Payroll A Priority To Sort




Modern businesses encompass a wide range of functions in their daily operations. From generating new leads and sources of revenue from a dedicated sales team to relying on a highly skilled IT team that helps them to incorporate the latest technology into their business, the functions are specialized and diverse. 

However, one important business function that is often overlooked is that of the payroll department. Payroll ensures that staff are paid correctly and on time and their continued efficiency is incredibly important for the overall operations of any business. 

An effective payroll department can help to foster business expansion when a company seeks to move to international trading. In addition, the function can also ensure that a business remains secure when making payments, and can play a key role in motivating and retaining staff. 


These three key reasons will be expanded on in this article to demonstrate the importance and significance of this business function.

To drive expansion

Many businesses seek to expand their operations, as they recognize that this can be a key way to increase revenue streams and to ensure their long-term business viability. Today, the world of business takes place in a truly international marketplace, and it is wise to consider expanding into new foreign territories to generate new business. However, the payroll function needs to operate effectively in other countries and must comply with country-specific legislation. 

When expanding your business abroad, it is wise to consider outsourcing your payroll function to an external specialist provider such as activpayroll. Using a specialist payroll team will ensure that a global payment system is in operation which is efficient, reliable, and compliant. 

Many firms make this change when expanding their operations into overseas territories as it streamlines what can be an increasingly complex payroll situation. Put simply, using specialist payroll service providerscan be extremely beneficial when growing your business and entering foreign territories.

To increase data security

Large firms will employ hundreds of staff members, each of whom will be paid on a weekly or monthly basis. Today, these payments are made almost exclusively using electronic means (i.e., using bank transfers to deposit wages into staff bank accounts). 

The payroll function therefore needs to ensure that their payment systems use encryption and other forms of payroll security when transferring these funds so that the risk of acts of cybercrime occurring are minimized. 

Outdated payroll functions and those that do not use sufficient data protection measures are at a greater risk of data breaches and may face financial penalties if they are found to have substandard data security protocols.

To motivate and retain staff

As a brief final point, it should be recognized that payroll plays a vital role in motivating and retaining staff. Put simply, staff members come to work each day so that they can earn a meaningful income that can support themselves and any family members. 

Over time, frequent payroll errors can lead to staff looking elsewhere for employment, which can increase employee churn and recruitment costs.

Whilst parts of the job may provide motivation, it should be recognized that generating income will be the main reason for cultivating a career. If staff face regular problems or mistakes when receiving their wages, it will reduce their motivation and will lead to a negative company image. 


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