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How Electronic Health Records (EHR) Improve Patient Safety



One of the greatest threats to patient safety is human error. Of course, clinicians always try not to make any mistakes. But their job role takes them to different activities that simultaneously grab their attention in different directions. 

Unfortunately, this is where the chances of errors increase. Implementing EMR EHR software helps reduce such mistakes significantly and subsequently helps avert problems.

The EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and EHR (Electronic Health Record) are revolutionizing how patient data is stored and managed. With time medical facilities will no longer need to store enormous files and paper records for each patient. 

Instead, digitizing these records using the EMR EHR software will make patient information available simultaneously. This improves the safekeeping of the documents in many folds.

Here’s a look at the benefits of Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records:

  • Diagnosis becomes easier, Helping both Doctor and Patient.

When the complete medical information of a patient is available through the Electronic Health Records (EHR), it makes it easier for Doctors to make the proper decisions on their diagnosis. This makes the process much more convenient and, in turn, saves time for the doctor and the patient. 

In addition, electronic Health Records allow the doctors to check the recent test reports, X-rays, and other reports to come to their diagnosis and make treatment changes much faster.

  • Prescribing Medication to Patients becomes Easy.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) make it easy for doctors to prescribe medications to patients. This is because electronic Health Records keep all the patients’ health information. This includes the treatments, medications, medical procedures performed, records of allergies, etc. This huge amount of information about a patient’s health makes it easy for the doctors to prescribe the appropriate medication to the patient.

  • Ability to set Reminders and Alerts that improve the safety of the patient

Electronic Health Records (EHR) can track patients’ treatments. This also includes setting up alerts for medications, therapies, and appointments. 

This benefits newborns and infants who need special care and regular therapies like vaccines, health checks, etc. Additionally, the alerts can be set up as reminders for appointments or if a problem is found in the patients’ health records.

  • Electronic Health Records make the work of the Medical Emergency workers less stressful.

Medical Emergency facilities are always stressful. When the patient is unconscious, getting their medical records may take hours. This sometimes may even prove fatal to the patient. 

With the Electronic Health Records (EHR), the documents can be accessed with just a click on the computer. This information may be a life saver for the patient, as the medical emergency team can make the right decision and diagnosis based on the available records.

  • Treatment becomes faster

Facilities that use Electronic Health Records (EHR) have reported that the patients’ treatment time has greatly reduced. This is because electronic Health Records allow Doctors to get a full preview of the patient’s health condition, which helps the diagnosis and treatment plan be given much faster. Electronic Health Records also allow the doctor to renew the prescription and make appointments faster.

To Conclude

The EMR EHR software is a significant boost to patient safety. When a shift in medical facility changes, new staff members are unaware of the patient’s problems. With the EHR, the staff can view the complete status of the patient in one go.

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