Accidentally Deleted iMessage Conversation

Accidentally Deleted iMessage Conversation

Many of us have been through this situation where we delete the iMessage conversation only to rue it in a short while. Although cleaning the message might be a good idea from time to time, but you may end up deleting an important message during this. Thankfully there are ways to solve this issue. Read along. 

Solution 1: If you’ve got an iCloud backup

  • Open the Settings option and click on the top placed name/picture of yours.
  • Then select iCloud from the list and opt for Manage Storage.
  • There click on the Backups options.
  • You’ll find a list of backups in the list. Look for the date before you deleted the message and backup the file. 
  • Do remember you will have to reset your phone to factory settings while opting for the backup restore. First, restore the phone and then you will be prompted to select from the backup options. There select the backup date and you’ll be done. 

Solution 2: Recovering without overwriting the iPhone

  • Start by logging into your iCloud. There enter your ID and password when prompted.
  • Then click on Text messages inside the iCloud.
  • Now go through the list of messages and look to find the message that you need.
  • Then go to the settings menu of your phone and click on the top placed name/picture of yours.
  • Click on iCloud and then turn off the Text messages. 
  • You’ll be prompted with a popup. There select the option to Keep on my iPhone.
  • Then proceed to turn on the Text messages settings.
  • Now click on Merge and wait for a while. Your deleted messages will pop up on your iPhone.

Note: This method works for those whose iCloud stores the text messages. A few of the telecom carrier allows for the storage of messages while others don’t. Make sure that the iCloud has stored the text messages to use this solution. 

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