4 Colorful Leather Watches for Ladies From Nomos Glashütte

4 Colorful Leather Watches for Ladies From Nomos Glashütte

The silver and gold watches are a fashion staple; they go well with even the most basic outfit. However, once in a while, you may also need a pop of color to upgrade whatever look you have in mind. Recently, bright and fun colors have started to take the fashion scene. A lot of wristwatches online consists of playful looks that involve the use of out of box color. 

This is the perfect time to get an accessory that would match the out of the box color scheme of your wardrobe. Leather watches with bands in different colors are an excellent option to mix and match your looks. Today, we will introduce a brand that will provide you a wide array of options for a leather watch that fits your current aesthetics. 

Nomos Glashütte: A Brief History  

Nomos watches are among the most sought-after timepieces by many enthusiasts. Rightfully so, the brand has continuously proven itself to be superior not just in terms of visual presentation but also in quality. Nomos Glashütte was founded by Roland Schwertner in 1990, two months after the historical fall of the infamous Berlin walls. 

The brand started as a manufacturer of hand-wound mechanical watches. Later in 2005, they were able to debut their first automatic watches. From its inception until today, the German brand has always gifted the watch industry with timeless and unique pieces. They are one of the brands that enthusiasts are always on the lookout for.  

  1. Glashütte Tangente Neomatik Champagne Automatic Champagne Dial 

The first on the list is this unique champagne colored watch. Although a little bit on the neutral side, it is undeniable that wearing this watch will call a lot of attention. This watch has a round case with stainless steel, measuring 35mm in diameter and 6.9mm in height. It has a scratch-proof sapphire crystal and a transparent back paired with a beige leather band. 

The dial of this watch comes in classy champagne color. It uses Arabic numerals as indexes and silver-tone stick-style shaped hands. It has a subdial placed on the bottom part of the watch, just below where the hands settled. The movement is powered by Calibre DUW 3001 automatic with 27 jewels and a 42-hour reserve. It also has a 30m water-resistant feature. 

  1. Glashütte Minimatik Champagner 1st Edition Automatic Beige Dial Ladies Watch

Another one of the more neutral colored watches is this beauty from the Minimatik series of the brand. It has a round case made out of stainless steel material. It has a sapphire crystal that is scratch-resistance, while the back is designed openly. To complete the look is the beige leather band. It carries a warmer tone, almost close to a pale mustard shade. 

The dial perfectly matches the warm visual of the exterior. It is in a pretty beige shade. Arabic numerals and dots are alternated as indexes, while thin sticks as hands. One subdial is on the bottom part of the watch. As for its movements, it has 27 jewels, a 42-hour reserve, a 21600 BPH frequency. It also has an additional 30m water-resistance feature. 

  1. Glashütte Tetra Clärchen Manual-winding Green Dial Ladies Watch

This leather watch is definitely on the fun side. Despite its neutral-colored band, the dial managed to make the general look unique. The square case of this watch is made out of stainless steel, measuring 29.5mm. It has a sapphire crystal and a transparent back. The textured leather band is in a light gray color, so it appeared relatively neutral. 

The dial, on the other hand, balances the neutrality of the band with its popping green color. Arabic numerals and sticks represented the indexes, all printed in bright gold to match the luxurious gold hands. One subdial is strategically placed on the south part of the watch, just below the hands. As for its feature, it can perfectly function 30m deep underwater. 

  1. Glashütte Metro 33 Rose Gold Manual-winding Silver Dial Ladies Watch

The last watch on the list is this beauty from the Metro series of the brand. The round case of this timepiece is made out of rose gold, measuring 33mm in diameter. It has a scratch-proof sapphire crystal and an open back. To complete the look is the stone-gray leather band that perfectly balances out the warmness of the rose gold hardware. 

The dial comes in a silver color with dot indexes, and a matching rose gold material for hands. A subdial is on the bottom part of the watch. As for the movements, it is powered by Calibre Alpha with 17 jewels, a 43-hour reserve, and a 21600 BPH frequency. It has an additional Glashütte stop work and incabloc shock protection. It is also 30m water-resistant. 

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